I love my kids.  HONEST… but as most of you know, I had a schedule.  Co-parenting sucks in so so so many ways… missed milestones, shared holidays, partial birthdays… but in one way, it was absolutely fantastic.  

Co-parenting allowed me to find me.

To have scheduled days when I didn’t have to don my “mom-hat” and could find myself drinking coffee with girlfriends, out at an event or dinner with a friend, or vegging out with Netflix while I crocheted.  Yes, sometimes I’m an old soul.

In December though, that came to a screeching halt as I transitioned from “part-time” mom to “24/7” mom.  In the blink of an eye my work schedule changed and I was suddenly 100% solo parent to a teenager.  {Who I love dearly.  Honest.}

All of my evenings were suddenly filled with homework and appointments… instead of just half my week like it has been for the last 10 years.  Ten years is a long time to get used to something that can change in the blink of an eye.

The truth is, I wouldn’t change a thing.  Giant is growing and changing and blossoming right before my eyes.  I love his company {most days} and I love having him around.  

But change is rarely easy.

Another truth is… I’m a better mom when I have my free time.  Connecting with friends over coffee or dinner… sharing a movie or hours of conversation… these things fill my tank back up so that I have more to give my kids.  

I’m still extremely fortunate to have the support of my folks through this transition… together, the three of us have embraced the new situation and share in the “normal day-to-day” that raising a teenager requires.  Mom helps with dinner and laundry… Dad helps with the biology homework that confounds me… I take over on the weekends to give them a break… but when they aren’t here?  Holy hell.

I’m tired…  I’m bitchy…  and in the wise words of my friend Jenny Decki “My patience looks like the thighs of my favorite jeans.”

Giant still hasn’t learned how to read my moods either.  So yeah… that’s working out well for both of us.

But today?  Today marks the last day of school before spring break here. Many parents I know have been dreading this day. For them, it means a week of the kids under-foot, echos of “Mom – I’m bored,” and more laundry, cooking, parenting. Many moms I know are looking forward to the 23rd because that’s when their angels head back to the classroom and for a few hours each day they have some time to focus on whatever they deem important. Not me… mostly because this afternoon, I will be taking Giant to the airport and putting him on a plane to join the folks up in Colorado. Tonight marks the start of a week of freedom.

It’s freedom for both of us to be honest.  He is free from the harping about missing homework… chores to help me around the house… nagging to to go to tutorials to learn the biology he’s trying his best to ignore…

For me… well, you might guess.  I’ll be free to engage in some of the fantastic SXSW events that are beginning… enjoying some R&R with friends… dinner out with the girls {I think that’s still happening but I’d better check}… staying up late and sleeping in.

I’ll be free to work as late as I need to without worrying about picking up or dropping anyone off… I’ll be free to take my time in the morning and adjust my schedule as needed instead of having to worry about tardies and traffic.

Nine days of freedom before the 4:45 mornings pick back up again and I shall endeavor to savor every last second.



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