What is a Fit Friend?

Something that hasn’t been mentioned much is the need for a Fit Friend.  This was discussed a LOT during my Mamavation Mom campaign and I really believe it is an important KEY to better health and fitness.  What is a Fit Friend?  Well, I am glad you asked

A Fit Friend is someone already living a healthy lifestyle that you can check in with to ensure that you are staying on track.  It’s another form of accountability.  It’s someone who can kick you in the pants when you need it and can offer suggestions when you are stuck.  It’s the person that helps you get through the rough times when you don’t FEEL like eating healthy and don’t feel like working out because they’ve already been in your shoes and didn’t give up.

So, I encourage EACH AND EVERY one of you  if you are TRULY serious about changing your life for the better — Whether you are applying for Mamavation mom or not –  to enlist a Fit Friend, make a plan, and keep moving forward.  That’s not to say that the WHOLE sistahood isn’t supporting you and your goals  but it’s easy to hide from a big group –  NOT so easy to hide from 1 person :) especially when they are hounding you.

As a side note, if selected as a Mamavation Mom, you will HAVE to have a fit friend – either online or in real life. Why not get a jump start 🙂

Of course some of you may be saying… “BUT where do I start… I don’t know who to ask…” and I didn’t want THAT to be your excuse… so if you don’t mind, fill in this little form and I’ll be HAPPY to help match you up with someone that can help you to reach your goals – Whatever they may be 🙂



  1. So true. Having just one person to regularly work out with makes all the difference. It is easy to just hit snooze, instead of going for the morning jog, but when you have someone out there waiting to meet you, you get up, if for no other reason then to not look like a jerk, and the number of workouts per week start adding up. And, in the end, you and your morning jog buddy are both happy you went out.

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