First world problems

The other day, I was minding my own business when a friend of mine, Tina – over at Mad Hatter Mom – posted her inner dialog when running.  It was a great and OH SO Relateable post… at least for me… somewhere around 3/4 of a mile, I see this:

I chuckled at the Top Gun Reference and went along my merry way having visions of volleyball dance in my head…

until a wee bit later, a friend’s facebook post I had commented on reveals this lovely comment

Seriously?  TWO references to Top Gun… a movie that came out WAAAAAAYYYYYY back in 1986?  It MUST be a sign 🙂

I knew right then and there that I HAD to watch Top Gun… more importantly, I knew my kiddos hadn’t seen it, which meant that it was my parental obligation to share this movie with them – along with the other “classics” like the Back to the Future trilogy, ET, and well… ANY of the John Hughes movies…

and THAT’S when it hit me… I really need to make a list of what movies I own…

Here I am knowing I want to watch a specific movie…  but now I don’t remember if I own it… And if I do, I don’t remember if it’s in the box I brought with me in the move or over at storage.


So I text my ex.  After all, he would know if I owned it after we painstakingly divided up the movie collection which even split, is considerable…

He ASSURES me that I do not own it… and tells me I’m being silly when I could just stream it from NetFlix. Uh… no.  you are missing the point.

For me?  Movies are like books.  I want to hold them in my hand.  I want to see the cover art.  I want to be able to watch them whenever I want – even if a storm has knocked out the internet connection.  I. WILL. NOT. STREAM. MOVIES.

So, the boys and I went on a “hunting” expedition… I mean where exactly does one find a movie from 1986 ANYWAY…

The first place we went – Half Price Books – is a favorite stop for us – both for movies AND books… but alas, of COURSE no one had parted with this classic.  We attempted – in vain I might add – Best Buy and Target when on a whim I went to the place that I HATE to shop… the Mart of the Wall… and there… amidst some other classics like Grease (Own It), Sixteen Candles (own it), Titanic (own it) and several others, was Top Gun.

So now, 4 stores and $7.50 later, I can say definitively that I do own Top Gun. We watched it that very night and the boys almost stayed awake through the whole thing! (ok, the eldest did but the youngest crashed just before Goose and Maverick did… should I have called spoiler alert?  after 26 years is it even considered a spoiler?)

Yes.  I know.  In the grand scheme of things, there are bigger fish to fry… larger dilemmas I could worry about…. Other quandaries to ponder… and let’s just be real clear, it’s not that my life is void of those… It’s just that sometimes you have to focus on the things you CAN manage.  Making a list of movies in my collection?  Yep, I can handle that one.

And once THAT is done… maybe I’ll get around to making the list of nail polish colors I already own… so that when I have an impulse to add to THAT collection, I don’t come home with the shade I loved so much I bought it 2 or 3 times already… but THAT my friends is a different post.



  1. I thought you should know.. not only do I own the DVD of Top Gun.. but also the VHS copy! 🙂

  2. hehehehehe that’s because you are awesome-sauce covered amazeballs 🙂

  3. That is hilarious! I like how you blurred out the faces but I still know who they are! mwhaaa haa haa

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