Final week for the George Foreman Knockout The Fat Challenge!

Holy Cow – I can’t believe that this is the final week of the George Foreman Knockout the Fat Weight Loss challenge!

And while I haven’t lost as much weight as I had hoped, the inches keep me motivated! I’m not going to keep you guessing – here’s the before and afters:


As for Inches – Can you see the difference??? I didn’t realize until I put the same workout shirt and yoga pants on – and I have to apologize for the “Self Portraits” but the hubs was busy and I needed to get this post up.

As for the Scale pic – Even with all the craziness of this past weekend at BlogHer (recap coming soon) I was shocked to see another lb gone.  That’s a grand total of 9lbs (and a new BMI of 34.9) over the course of the 13 weeks from the George Foreman Knockout the Fat Weight Loss Challenge.




And just in case you needed to see ANOTHER reason why you need a George Foreman Grill, check out this video that shows just how easy it is to clean up after making dinner on my grill!




  1. You look great Hollywood! You ladies did such a great job on this challenge. So proud of all of you.

  2. Laila @OnlyLaila says

    Thank you SO much for your support during this challenge. You are definitely an inspiration!

  3. look at those inches such a great job and thank you for being there for all of us this whole time!

  4. Congrats on completing the George Foreman Challenge. Your hard work has certainly paid off. That was a lot of inches to lose in just 13 weeks. Good job!

  5. Nicely done! I did not lose at BlogHer, but I sure had fun doing it! 😉 Awesome to meet you in person – thanks for letting me tag along with you guys on Friday. I had a blast.

  6. I too was really pleased with the inches I lost during this challenge! To me, that’s just as important as the scale going down. Thanks so much for your support through the challenge – you rock!

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