#playinmay – Fiction Challenge

Her laugh broke the silence.  Begrudgingly, he stopped working on the presentation he was desperate to finish and glanced in the direction of the outburst.

There she was.  Even seated, he could tell that she was tall and beautiful.  Not beautiful by societies standards perhaps, but beautiful nonetheless.  Her hair was piled high atop her head in a beautiful mess and her clothes displayed a casual comfort.  She wasn’t the high maintenance type of girl he normally noticed but there was something there that prevented him from looking away.  Something about the way she laughed.  It was more than the sound of her voice; it was the way her eyes lit up and her whole face carried the joy she was clearly experiencing.

He didn’t know if he had ever laughed like that… the kind of laugh that takes over your entire being and you know it comes from a joy deeper than the amusement of the moment. Come to think about it, he didn’t really know anyone else who did either but with her, this beautiful stranger three tables away, it was captivating.

He watched her like a creepy stalker for a few more minutes before forcing himself to turn his attention back to his laptop.  He had only just begun to gather his thoughts again when he heard the laughter erupt again.  He glanced up and met her eyes by accident.  She looked apologetically at him and resumed her conversation.

What was it about this girl that was so intriguing?  He didn’t have time to figure it out now though.  Just a few more tweaks to his work and then he would build up the courage to go talk to her.  But what do you say to someone like that?  He let his mind wander a bit over the cheesy pick up lines that would have worked on a more dimwitted girl.  Lines he had used successfully in the past wouldn’t work on a girl like this.  Why was he so nervous?  He knew he was attractive enough – not a gym rat but fit enough to get the occasional stare from the girls around the office.  He never had a problem talking to women and could strike up a conversation anywhere he went.  So what was so different about this girl?

He forced himself back to reality.  He looked in her direction once more, ready to just go over to talk to her when he realized, she was gone.


Axis of Ineptitude

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  1. As you will see with my piece, I appreciate an unfinished ending. I loved this!

  2. Anonymous says

    WHAT???? That’s it? Really? So disappointing…where’s the juice? Where’s the “happily ever after”? Where’s the scandalous office love affair? Something…. I remember when “Seinfeld” & “Lost” had their over hyped finales….when it was over….everyone was like…”wait…what???” I just had the same reaction here. Oh well…back to work I guess. It WAS better than the Shark Week episode…can’t say we weren’t warned. 🙂

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