A Good Pair of Heels can make all the difference

Remember the other day when I mentioned shoes? Well, here you go!

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Many of you know that over the weekend, I moved. Not far, only a couple of miles really with the majority going into storage a mere 5 miles away. Doesn’t matter. You still have to box and wrap everything whether moving 2 miles or 2000 miles away. I’ll admit that one of the largest boxes that did not make it to storage (and I’m still trying to find room for) houses all of my shoes. Which is a bit silly since I am most likely to be found in flip flops or barefoot.

I labored over this box… considering donation to the local Goodwill… but I just could not bring myself to do so. Shoes have a magical property about them. They can transform you, your demeanor, and even how others interact with you.

Especially my fascination with heels. Take a good pair of heels with a skirt and blouse and suddenly, I’m ready to take on a high powered business meeting. Or a flirty pair of heels like the Leopard Print shown above, paired with a pair of jeans can give me all the confidence needed for the dreaded “first date.”

Shoes can transform and so while some might splurge and trips to the salon or designer handbags, I will always hang onto my shoe fascination.

And, because I know y’all are a lot like me in this respect, you will want to enter to win your very own pair too! And don’t be stingy… share this with your friends too because every girl needs a pair of shoes that give her the extra oomph a good pair can. Did we learn NOTHING from Cinderella? 🙂 open to USA and Canada Too!

This event will start on September 7th and Run Until September 17th
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