Feel a thing


Why am I looking at a blank page here? I’m the queen of overflowing emotions and feelings and this should be a topic I have no trouble writing about.

Except when I do.

A few months ago, I was talking with friends. I was sharing some feelings. Feelings that were a combination of happy and confused and apprehensive and exciting and scared and… well, you know, for me, normal.

I remember expressing my concerns about what if’s that may or may not come true when my wise older-brother-from-another-mother told me something along the lines of “So what? The good outweighs the bad and if the bad happens, you’ll pick yourself up and move on.”

It’s stuck with me.

Oh sure, I bitch about my feelings too much from time to time and there are even times I wish I had an on/off switch, but feelings, good or bad, remind me that I’m alive. Human. Real.
Feelings are neither good or bad really. It’s what we do with those feelings that make them so. I read that somewhere. Hiding from your feelings though… that’s when the trouble starts. That’s what fuels my insecurities. That’s what feeds my ego. That’s what makes me miss out on friendships and other worthy human interactions.

Be strong enough to look at your feelings at more than face value…the feelings you like as well as the ones you don’t… you might be surprised at what you learn about yourself. Why are you feeling the things that you are… dig deeper…question everything… ask yourself questions with the curiosity of a child. Eventually, you might just figure out the real problem and that’s the one you need to focus on. Feelings are just the barometer.


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  1. Remember that one time my feelers reached out and tickled your feelers and then we all laughed and had ice cream? Yeah, me neither.

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