Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s day is Next Weekend and if you are like me, time has flown by and you have NO IDEA what to get the father figures in your world.

AS I’m looking for the perfect gift, I wanted to share a couple with you here.




A new T-shirt is perfect whether the man in your world is a couch potato or more of the outdoorsy type.  I was first introduced to the quality T-shirts Zazzle offers at the Mamavation Fitcation where they printed and provided these awesome shirts.

Now obviously, you’ll want to pick out a more Manly design for the father in your life, but Zazzle has several fantastic father’s day inspired designs that you’ll want to check out.

Not the T-shirt type?  How about getting dad a new coffee cup or mouse pad or tie or iphone case or … well, you get the idea… they’ve got lots to choose from!

The quality is amazing and the price is definitely affordable.  Check out some great gift ideas whether for father’s day or any other time of year, Zazzle has it all.


If yours a more outdoorsy guy?  Maybe even a runner?  Then you can go wrong with nekFIT

Whether you are running, cycling or just hitting the gym, nekFITâ„¢ locates your iPod Nano and Shuffle comfortably behind the neck eliminating tangled wires. Offering complete mobility, nekFIT makes it simple to change music and volume with faster-feel tactile buttons on the click wheel. nekFIT frees you to listen to your music anywhere doing anything.

I get frustrated with the wires when using my arm band so this is an AMAZING improvement.

not only that, but:

For centuries, the shoulder muscle which covers the back of the neck down your spine has been the preferred carrying location on the body for everything from water buckets to student backpacks. Imagine how light a “1 ½ ounce” iPod Nano feels sitting on one of the body’s strongest muscles.

Not only will you want to get one for dad, but you will want to get one for yourself while you are at it.  The design is simple perfection and you won’t be disappointed with the quality.

***Zazzle & nekFIT were a sponsors of Fitcation 2011.  As an attendee, I received their products for free; however, the opinions are 100% my own and have not been modified.***



  1. I’m wearing my nekFIT right now while I clean the house, and I LOVE it! I hated dealing with the wires, and trying to find a place to tuck my ipod, especially when I didnt have any pockets. Both problems solved!

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