Fantastic Friday

Hey y’all!

Here in Central Texas, we’re having another… “snow day”… without any snow on the ground or even in the sky as far as I can tell.  I’m still at work but…. I’m not going to rant about this.  Many have formed their own opinions….

While I was laying in bed this morning and starting to get a little bit miffed at the idea, I decided to channel my awakeness for good… and found some cool stuff to share with y’all and give some awesome peeps a cyber hug.

Here’s a few things you may have missed:

Over at Life in Random Bits, My dear friend Helen shared a recipe for HOMEMADE WHEAT THINS!!  Seriously I’m more excited about this than I should be but it looks awesome and I think the boys and I may have to try this soon.

Traci over at A Star in my own Universe shared her tale of a series of unfortunate events… and yet still remembered to be thankful.  She’s kinda my hero in that….

Evin, over at Food Good Laundry Bad hasn’t blogged much lately but this morning I went back and re-read her post on the care and feeding of toddlers and it’s still funny after reading it a bajillion times.  Seriously.Maybe it’s funnier to me because I know the players but if you haven’t read it yet, do so and then let me know if I’m crazy.  Well, we all know that I am but I’m talking specifically about this.

Speaking of Evin… We’ve been uber busy with Hookers with Heart.  Last month, we started a site for our new group (where we don’t write any more than we do on our own respective blogs)  and focused our hooking for Austin’s homeless.  We made hats and delivered them to the fine folks at Mobile Loaves and Fishes through our good friend Q.

This month, we are hooking for St. David’s NICU because babies need some crochet love.  We are working on more hats, blankets and lovies for these precious little ones and while I’m confident my ovaries are safe, I must say I am a bit concerned for Evin’s… (kidding Ev)

Our SECOND Hooker’s with Heart Meet up is NEXT weekend and we’re hoping you will join us.  Even if you don’t crochet or knit, we’d love the company so come hang with us and have a coffee or alternate beverage! This time we’re headed to Roaster’s Coffee in Cedar Park.

Can I take a second and say that holy crap baby hats are too cute for words?  I leave you with some of the cuteness we are hooking up this month:

You can see these and oh so many more ADORABLE hats for kids of all ages over on our Pinterest board along with other boards for hookers!

See, now I feel better.  Even with a snow day without snow…

Till next time…



  1. You’re my hero, sweetie! Thanks for including me. I love you bunches!

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