Fantastic Friday Finds! – Omron GOsmart Review

Welcome to a new Feature I’ll be including this year – Fantastic Friday Finds!

Each Friday, I will be featuring an item that I can’t live without on my journey to a healthier life.  If you have suggestions for things you’d like to see here, PLEASE let me know! Today I’m excited to share something that I do not know how I lived before I got it – and something EACH and EVERY one of you NEED to get if you don’t already have one! My Omron GOsmart Pocket Pedometer with Activity Tracker Now I know – some of you out there are thinking to yourself –

I already have a pedometer –

I got a free one in a promo pack and it works fine… usually.

I bought a (usually cheap one) that I use some of the time.

And that’s where I was.  Until I started using the Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer.   Then I saw the light! I have the HJ-203 model in PINK (which was the first plus because I LOVE Pink) and not only does it ACCURATELY track my steps, whether walking or running, but it also tracks and stores steps/distance/calories burned/fat burned during extended activity or exercise time.  That means that I know how many TOTAL steps I had throughout the day PLUS the steps that were, as I like to call them, intentional – like my weekly hikes and visits to the local track or my gym treadmill time!

While we are on the subject, can I revisit the accuracy of this thing???  It is AMAZING – my last pedometer once told me I had walked a total of 600 steps on a 7 mile hike… um… no.  Why was it SOOO off?  It had gotten turned sideways so it couldn’t recognize that I was taking any steps for the LONGEST of times.  That was not only annoying, but also de-motivating for me.  Omron has solved this issue by using a 2D smart sensor technology so it knows exactly when you’re taking a step. It’s more accurate than other pedometers which use a simple pendulum design. With my Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer, I can stick it in my pocket, hook it to my waist, or even throw it in my purse and it STILL accurately tracks my steps.

I didn’t believe that it could do that, so I tested it many…many … many times by manually counting steps and comparing and ya know what??? It was spot on every time! Ya know what else?  See that little figure in the picture above?  That’s my Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer Cheerleader – it shows up every time I reach 10,000 steps for the day!  How cool is that?  My own Cheerleader (in addition to all of my Mamavation Sistas of course)!

I also like the fact that this particular model  Calculates my stride FOR ME!  Oh, if you just love math and enjoy figuring out your stride length you can input or adjust it manually, but I’ll leave that to the computers that are smarter than me 🙂 There are a number of fantastic features about this particular pedometer:

  • 7-day memory – Stores seven days of information
  • Sleep mode extends battery life after 5 minutes while continuing to count steps
  • Features a clock and automatically resets at midnight
  • Also available in black, purple and yellow

Did you notice that 3rd point?  It AUTOMATICALLY resets at midnight – that means I’ve NEVER EVER accidentally reset my pedometer!  Do you have that problem with the one you are using??? The only downside to the Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer pedometer that I can see in the time I’ve used it is that sometimes I forget to put it on and it does me NO good sitting on my night stand, but other than that, it has been PERFECT!  And the design of this model is so slim and sleek that once it is on, I forget about it!

In short, if you have any fitness goals for 2011, (and come on, who doesn’t) walking is a great starting point. (you don’t need me to share the benefits of walking do you?) And if you are walking or running or jogging you NEED a pedometer.  And since you NEED a pedometer, why not get the best one out there??? I can not recommend the Omron Digital Pocket Pedometer highly enough!

And if you need an even bigger endorsement?  Check out Rachel’s blog for her review of the same product!  It’s the pedometer that BOTH of your most recent Mamavation Mom Graduates relied heavily on to carry us through our terms.

Make all your steps count in 2011 by counting ALL of your steps!  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Omron GOsmart who provided the complimentary product in return for my honest opinion.



  1. Thanks! The price tag is more than I usually spend, but I also haven’t found the right pedometer yet. If it is the last one I need to buy, then the price is VERY reasonable. I have several thrown into promo packs from companies, but they truly are junk.

    I will put this on my health wish list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Thanks. I never thought about it – I though they are all same

  3. Megan @nccarterfamily says

    Oh goodness I so very much need one.. So far none of the ones I’ve gotten have actually worked… Thanks for the feature onthiw product

  4. I started a spot like this last year. I call it Friday Favorites! Check out mine toda!;)

    This sounds great. I will have to look it up to see what the price tag is on it!

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