For anyone following along with the Axis of Ineptitude blogging challenges, you may have noticed that there are a lot of “one word” prompts… which frees you up to interpret them in any way you wish… much like horoscopes, you get to read into them however necessary to make them fit with where you are.

With today’s prompt, you could take “Fall” as a verb… discussing things like klutziness and ACTUALLY falling… or falling for a significant other (a topic that may have appeared here a time or two… or you could go the obvious route and focus on the season at hand.

Captain Obvious reporting for duty.

Here in Central Texas, we “joke” about having four seasons…

but even if the weather doesn’t cooperate, I still FEEL the effects of four unique and different seasons…

Spring is often a time of renewal… a season of hope… a season of new beginnings.

Summer is a more carefree time of fun and laughter… a season of youth and excitement…

Winter, especially with the holidays, is a season of home… a time when hunkering down with loved ones – even if they only live in the pages of a book – fills my soul and completes me in ways that I can’t even begin to express.

But Autumn… Fall… Fall is a transition season, much like spring but with more warmth and depth whereas spring transitions are more naive and innocent. A time for reflection and counting of our blessings… A time to take stock in my world and determine what still works and what no longer does. A time to inventory my life and make it more homey to prepare for the winter months. It is a season that finds myself with elements of my world dying away like the leaves of the Aspens in Colorado but in a way that is not depressing or sad; rather in a way that signifies making room for something new. One might say that Fall speaks to me as I embrace the “autumnal years”… {those people might get smacked for insinuating that I might be old, but that’s a risk they have to take.}

There is a dichotomy to fall that speaks to me on an intimate level.. the beautiful blend of happy and sad… so much so that I find myself dressing more for fall than for what the weather is actually going to do. Almost like I can WILL fall temps into existence… even if it only lasts a few days here and there…


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