Expectations vs. Reality

When I first selected this prompt, I had grand plans to pick something off Pinterest and attempt it. I was going to blog it and share the outcome because, as with most things Evin and I plan, either it will be a resounding success or a totally blog-worthy failure. Win/Win Then life happened. And now, I’m sorting through a myriad of confusion and introspection and I can’t find the inspiration (Pinspiration?) to tackle anything. I’m copping out today and instead other people’s expectation vs reality failures…     As for my own “Expectation vs. Reality” that’s going to take time to sort through.  There’s a lot of confusion in my brain right now and I’m struggling to find the words…. but I will.  I always do.



  1. As I was writing, I thought “Traci, I bet this about a Pinterest fail” but as I avoid Pinterest like the plague lately, it didn’t occur to me.

    I like your “fails” very much.

  2. The pic of the nails? That could be me. The one on the right, obviously. The one on the left I could see you nailing (pun intended!) because you are a nail diva.

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