Where I am? It’s an exciting place

You are Here...There was absolutely no way for me to have known when I came up with these prompts that I would be in a flurry of excitement and emotion… well, except for the fact that I’m generally in a flurry of excitement and emotion in one form or another…but I digress.

I’ve talked a bit about how I jumped out of my comfort zone and auditioned for Listen To Your Mother – Austin… I’ve talked about how empowering it is to share your words with others and to give your story as well… 

I was lucky.  I got to audition with my best friend Evin.  Well, I mean we were both auditioning… so I was in the hallway silently cheering her on while she did the same for me, but you get the point I’m trying to make.  

I am so incredibly proud of Evin, and Helen, and all the others who put themselves out there.  It takes tremendous courage to put yourself out their for judgement… to be vulnerable and share some of the most precious parts of a writers life… her words. I don’t envy Leigh Ann or Kristin the task of narrowing it down to a handful of stories that will make up this year’s show… But that is exactly what they did and yesterday, announced the 2015 Listen to Your Mother Austin Cast.

There was some conversation about how we are all feeling at this moment… I flashed back to the early 90’s Jessi Spano moment from Saved by the Bell… and was in the midst of searching for the meme {Cause there had to be one} when it was shared in the group. 

Jessi Spano

Apparently I’m not along in my feelings here.

If you aren’t familiar with the show, “LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER features live readings by local writers on the beauty, the beast, and the barely-rested of motherhood, in celebration of Mother’s Day.”

LTYM is in so many cities around the country that you should look for one in your area.  You have a story to tell.  There is someone who needs your words.

For those local – the show is April 25th with 2 showings – a 3:00 and a 7:00.  Tickets are on sale NOW and I’m gonna need friendly faces in the audience to virtually hold my hand.



In other exciting/scary news… Spring break is ALMOST HERE!!! Which I’m not sure who is more excited – the Giant or me.  He’ll be jetting up to Colorado to spend the week on the slopes with my folks… and Mini-me is headed out of the country with his dad.  Which means… if you can math…. I will be responsible for no other human beings for a whole week. That’s the exciting part.

The scary part is that two days AFTER Spring break, the grading period ends.  Giant has been working his tail off to try to bring a few classes up and he’s making progress… but if it’s not enough by then and the grades aren’t where he wants them…. I just don’t want him to give up.  On himself.  Because he’s pretty amazing.

The other scary part is that two days after spring break… I begin the battle with his dad in earnest… and while I don’t know how much of a battle it will be, experience tells me that when it comes to “compromise” and “working together” and “rational discussion” with the Ex… well, we suck at it.  Might be reason #439481 why we couldn’t make a marriage work. 

In short – I’m a ball of scary exciting right now.  Where are you?  


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  1. P.S., I didn’t pen Why We Should All Have Seven Kids, BTW.

  2. Congrats Shelly! It’s such a crazy process, and I know, having auditioned one time and not making the cast, then making it the next year, what those highs and lows feel like. My friend Carol Ramsey wrote about it here:

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