Eggs Benedict

Did you know that today is National Eggs Benedict day? Cause it totally is. I would have loved to have actually gotten up this morning with enough time to make what might be my most favorite breakfast in the whole wide world… but… yeah, that didn’t happen. It usually doesn’t to be honest, so when I do make my beloved eggs benny, it’s on a weekend… and usually for brunch.

Eggs Benedict always seems so difficult to make… I mean you gotta poach the eggs… make the Hollandaise sauce… toast the English muffins… it’s a lot of work…

If you know Evin and I at all, even if just from Facebook stalkery, you know that we come up with some pretty harebrained ideas at times… Like the time a screwdriver was used in lieu of an actual drill… or the time we saw that thing on Pinterest that showed how you could use your stand mixer to wind yarn… yeah, I’m not sure that one ever made it to either of our sites but it was hilarious. She and I are like Lucy and Ethel and her big guy loves to reference us that way. But sometimes, by complete accident, we come up with brilliance. And I only JUST discovered that we together have come up with a super simple easy way to make Eggs Benedict.

First of all, you need to poach your eggs, right? Well, low and behold, Evin has discovered how to make perfectly poached eggs in the microwave. No shit!

Then, as you may recall, I shared the super easy blender Hollandaise sauce recipe AND how you can save it if you make a large batch!

What do you know, completely by accident with no planning whatsoever, together Evin and I have simplified Eggs Benedict.

You’re welcome!


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