Do you have a rock in your shoe?

I was walking into my office this morning only to realize I had a rock in my shoe.

No biggie.  Remove shoe.  Remove Rock.  Get on with my day.

And then…. I started thinking.  And you know how dangerous THAT can be…because I over analyze things.  And love symbolism… even when a rock in my shoe is JUST a rock in my shoe.

but work with me

Think about the rock.  It was really more of a pebble.  Tiny.  Innocent.  just a rock in my shoe.  But had I not taken it out, it would have bothered me all day long.  It would have caused increasing pain in my foot.  if would have been constantly reminding me “Hey!  I’m right here!  You can’t ignore me!”

Then that got me thinking… and if you follow me on twitter you already know I’m have a focus-free day… Isn’t that like life?  Sometimes we carry around small innocent things… like a rock in our shoe… and while it would be better if we removed them, we don’t.  We let them continue to fester and grow until they are H.U.G.E. and we can’t ignore them any more.

Maybe it’s a thought or belief you hang on to…. maybe it’s a person… maybe it’s a goal that doesn’t REALLY fit in with your own big picture. Instead of removing the “rock” we hang on… walking around with it.  poking us.  pestering us.  making us feel bad about ourselves.  constantly reminding us of it’s presence.

I can think of a few “rocks in my shoes” I need to remove.  what about you?  Are you going to continue to walk around crippled in part by a silly little rock, or can you make a small change that frees you beyond what you can imagine?




  1. Shelley, that’s so profound and so true, especially the part about hanging on to goals that don’t really fit. It’s definitely taxing on the spirit trying to be someone you think others want you to be rather than trying to be “your best self” to quote Oprah 🙂 I needed to hear this today, looking forward to more inspiration from you.

  2. Its all about perspective and I love you for that. I could have used the 100 penance pushups as a downer, but I decided to look at them as an opportunity to remove chicken flab arms. Its way easier to deal with the small easy things instead of letting them become huge messes.

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