Dexter as a steady stream of commentary

For those who are not Facebook stalking me aware, over the last few weeks or so I binge watched 8 seasons of Dexter.

Something else you need to be aware of… I get really emotionally involved with characters in books and on the screen… a friend of mine can attest to this… when we were watching the Harry Potters, he witnessed as I moved from the couch to the floor to a sobbing puddle when Dumbledore died… Lucky for him me, I still send the steady stream of commentary over when I’m reading or watching something he’s recommended.  It’s good to have a friend like that.

He recommended I watch Dexter.  He should have known better…

As I watched the final two episodes, the texts looked something like this:

******SPOILER ALERT**************

Don’t read this if you haven’t completely watched the series.  Just don’t.  Come back when you have. Also?  I have a potty mouth.  Sorry not sorry.  Andplusalso?  If you haven’t seen Dexter in it’s entirety, you’re just gonna be confused by the below.  Come back tomorrow.

************* No Seriously – Spoiler Alert – Don’t say I didn’t warn you *************************

{Begin the steady stream of commentary}

Honestly, this season started out really slow for me. I get it though- we got to learn about all the other characters organically but with the Vogel story line it had to be kinda crammed into a few episodes.

LMAO @ Masuka… “I could go for some hookers and blow right now but since it’s not the ’90s, caffeine it is.”

I love that Deb and Quinn are back together… Although that’s not how it happens in real life. Normally it’s the girl who can’t get over the guy and things like “crazy psycho bitch” and restraining orders get tossed around… Or so I’ve heard.

Watching Dexter get choked up at Angel’s speech was interesting…. It’s almost like he learned how to feel….

I like the Hannah Dexter story line… I know I’m a silly romantic but I still like the idea that sometimes you meet someone and can’t explain it, it just feels comfortable. Like home. Doesn’t have to even be in the romantic sense I suppose…  They truly do love each other (and if the next episode reveals something different I’m gonna be pissed) because they have the ultimate vulnerability. They are LITERALLY trusting each other with their lives… There’s something to be said for knowing someone can destroy you and trusting them enough to know that they won’t…

Shit…. They are tearing up debs place…. How is Dexter gonna get outta their cross-hairs?!?

Poor deb…. I feel her… Like when she said something about how Dexter always got her outta shit- even when he put her there and now what if she can’t do it alone.

Lmao- “I’ve never been all that good at relationships. Longest one was a couple of weeks but she was chained to my radiator so I guess that doesn’t count”

It’s sweet how Dex gives Oliver Saxon to deb… But damn marshal. This can’t end well.

Oh fuck. The marshal let him go

Saxon shot Deb!!


Love what he said at the end of this one… About how he used to live in the shadows…

“But over time people in my life flipped on a light. At first I was blinded, it was so bright. But over the years, my eyes adjusted, and I could see. And now what’s in focus is my future. Bright. Brighter than it’s ever been.”

I’m no serial killer but I get that….

On to the finale…

Deb HAS to make it. She just fucking HAS TO!!!

Did she just tell Quinn that she loves him?!? ZOMG

Why doesn’t Hannah color her hair?!? They are looking for a blonde. It’s easy enough to change her look! And why didn’t they just take his boat to another city? How is that a bad plan?

Why do I get the feeling her taking Harrison is a bad idea?!?

OMG. Harrison’s whispered “I love Hannah” hit me right in the feels.

YAY ANGEL!!! He caught Oliver!!!


Fucking a Elway. Jesus. This episode is gonna give me a heart attack

Whew. Good job Hannah. (Tranquilizing Elway)

“Is that why you’re here? To tell me all this?” … “No. I’m here to kill you with that pen” … Loved that. So brilliant.

Dear god. Dexter talking to Deb… Apologizing… Seemingly close to tears… Torn about what to do… Pulling the plug… Watching her die… Out of love not self preservation… I hope if I’m ever in a vegetative state someone will love me enough to pull the plug.

Why do I get the feeling Dex is gonna kill himself?!? Or die in the storm… Or something horrible?


No. No no no no

This is not ok.

He was supposed to live happily ever after with Hannah and Harrison. Motherfucker.

Wait what?!? Now I’m just pissed.

How the fuck can he walk away from the two best things in his life?!? Was sad when I thought he died but to know he made the choice? Fuck that.

Hate the ending. Hate. Loathe. Pissed.


Dexter - Have a Killer Day(A) no those were not sent individually

(B) they were sent in groups

(C) Yes, the recipient responded but those aren’t necessary for you to get a glimpse into just how “involved” I get when watching/ reading a series…

(D) I’m thinking maybe the next series I watch needs to be on the Disney channel or something…

The other thing about the Dexter series is that it’s so quotable… but I shall save that for some future posts. Yes, more than one.

What about you?  Do you get that invested or am I a crazy person? (about this specifically – not in general.  We all know the answer to that)

Also?  What should be next in my Netflix queue? Now taking recommendations – what series did YOU love? Because seriously, I have no clue what to do with my evenings now… I mean while I crochet…. Duh.


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