Deja vu All over Again…

2 years ago I was selected as a Mamavation Mom and went through this 7 week boot camp where I learned more about myself than I ever could have imagined… I lost weight, found bits of myself I had forgotten, and made some of the best friends a gal could ask for.

Then, life happened.  We get busy and especially as moms, tend to forget to take care of ourselves.

Fast forward 2 years.

Here I am, hating that I lost sight of my goals and recommitting to finish the journey I started two years ago and this time, I have help… not that I didn’t before, but this time I’m on a kick ass team that will totally come kick my ass if I give up 😉

Here’s the ugly truth of it all.

This was where I found myself at the beginning of the month.

It’s not pretty but it’s where I started from… back when I actually took time to paint my toenails…

I hate that number.  It’s one I’ve seen before and while it does NOT define me, it is a grim wake up call reminding me that it’s time to take care of ME.  Guess what?  no one is going to do it for me… I HAVE to do it for myself…

A good friend of mine who shall remain nameless because I’m not gonna publicly “out” here sent me a text a few days ago telling me that she say a video of herself and didn’t like what she saw.  As I responded, I realized I was “preaching to the choir”.  My words were simply that she could make changes and that I would support her.  Why am I so quick to offer encouragement to others while forgetting about ME?  such is life I suppose… but life can change and NOTHING – especially not that scale number – is ever written in stone…

After a month of kinda half-assed focus, I’m happy to report that I’m on a good track

I’m down 3 lbs this week and a total of 11 lbs since I got back on track.

(don’t judge my lack of pedicure)

My partners in crime are all doing amazing things too and I hope you will go support them …

Jenny – Beyond Mom

Shannon – Aries Mommy

Megan – The Exposed Mom

Rachel – To Hab and To Hold

Wendy – The Weight is Over

Andrea – Adventures in all things food

Angela – Nine more months

It’s hard going through this again if I’m completely honest… which I am… to a fault. Part of me feels like I should have learned it all the first time.  Part of me feels like I didn’t take full advantage of the opportunity the first time around.  Part of me feels like I somehow failed…

This time, it feels like we have the added pressure of having all the tools already and knowing what we should do… and while that IS the case, the fact remains that we still need the help and support afforded by the Mamavation Bootcamp.

It’s humbling.

It’s scary.

It’s a necessity.

 Not ready for the full on boot camp?  Start off with joining the Mamavation Sistahood where you can find support in all shapes and forms… You can meet other women on their own journey’s to healthy living and give support to others.

You can also join in the latest 2-week challenge with my boyfriend-who-doesn’t-know-I-exist-even-though-this-one-time-at-blogher-i-stood-five-feet-away-from-him Bob Harper.

Whatever you decide, know that you are in control of your life and if you don’t like where it’s headed, only you can change the direction.

and you don’t have to do it alone.

What’s holding you back from making the changes you need to make?



  1. I think you might have to fight Candy for Bob! LOL!!!
    I am very excited for all the teams this Mamavation round! You guys are going to be great! Do great! And it will be awesome! (or…great! since that seems to be my word right now)
    Im looking forward to the 2 week challenge too!!!!! I LOVE BOB!
    Good luck sista!

  2. You can do it, Shelley! You are off to a great start! I admire your honesty and transparency here. And really…whoever learns it all the first time? 🙂

  3. It has been 2 years. Wow. It has been a crazy two years for you. I hope you turn that kind heart you have on yourself to use this campaign for some loving reclamation.

  4. *hugs* You can beyond do this. I believe in you.

  5. I’m soo proud of you for getting back ON IT girl!
    I know how easy it is to give the great advice, and not do it yourself.

    You totally ROCK! I can’t wait to watch those #’s keep droppin’! Love ya!

  6. You are amaze balls!

  7. Shitty, chipped blue toenails for the WIN!!

    I’m so happy you’re doing this. You’ll be do happy at the end. Feel the support – it’s SO there!

  8. Congratulations on your weight loss! You know I love you and I totally admire your commitment to focus again. I’m in the same boat. I wish you the best of luck during this campaign! I can’t way to see how you do it 🙂

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