Melting hearts and all that mushy stuff

Valentine's is around the corner.  No literally - it's this Friday. From here on out, this post is gonna get a bit mushy.  If that is a problem, let's just skip today's post and we'll see ya tomorrow. I'm a fan of Valentine's day just like I'm a fan of … [Read more...]

I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day… and what I really hear

I had a conversation with a gentleman I've been spending time with here and there.  {I'm not going to say we're dating because well, Are we?  I don't know.  And I don't know that I'm ready to attach a label on it so just go with me on this} Somehow, the … [Read more...]

Relationship Advice – part 2

Last week we were talking relationships and how to make relationships work. Which is kind of ironic since I'm not in one... that said, take this with a grain of salt. I dove in with my opinion - For what it's worth - and shared my thoughts on the first … [Read more...]

Relationship advice – Part 1

The other day, I was on facebook when something caught my eye in my stream.  Ok so yeah, that happens about a million times a day to be honest... but this one made me think. It seems that everywhere you look, you can find advice on how to keep a … [Read more...]