On Normal…

There was a whole different post in my mind when I woke this morning about complaining… and while I think that one may appear here in the future, I can’t find the words for that one because on my mind is the idea of being NORMAL.

Which…. we all know I’m not.


normalNor do I care to be.

I like being able to (most of the time) live in a filterless existence of speaking my mind and doing what I feel is right and true and good.  Making judgments based off of what I FEEL vs. what society or magazines or blog posts or friends or family says “should be”…

Thinking that if we don’t follow some predetermined path that we are somehow wrong…

I think being overly connected augments the self doubt… comparing our out-takes to someone else’s highlight reel is bound to deliver feelings of inadequacy from time to time.

And then… I start to wonder… what IS normal?

I mean that seriously…

everyone is on their own path to wherever we are going… I may not agree with the path that someone else is on, but who am I to say that the lessons learned are any less valuable or important?  Some only learn things the hard way and the path that looks painful to me, is EXACTLY what they need.

If we were all the same, life would be boring… we would always know what everyone was thinking/feeling/doing… there would be no opportunity to share a new experience with someone because everything would be status quo…

And you know what IS awesome?  Sharing new experiences… or introducing someone to something new.  Being able to see the look on their face… the look of awe and wonder when you teach someone something.  The rush of anticipation as you talk about things you’ve never done or felt…

It’s like when you introduce someone to a favorite movie or TV show… one that you’ve seen a bajillion times… and since you know what’s coming next, you get to watch THEIR reactions… and thus get to experience something in a new and exciting way.

Normal is boring.

And if we’re being completely honest, in the realm of relationships anyway, “normal” has ended badly so I’d like to stay as far away from “Normal” as possible.

So far, so good. 🙂




  1. Normal is totally overrated #thatisall

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