I made a Quilt

Ok, so in fairness, this was not the first quilt I made.  It’s technically my third but it is by far my largest.

It was a gift for mom because the first thing she said when I casually mentioned that I had taken up quilting was something along the lines of “oh you could make me a quilt…” and she was serious.

She is a lover of old things.  Things made by hand in a different age before everything was outsourced.  She scoured garage sales back in the 80s and 90s to pick up beautiful quilts that no one else seemed to have an appreciation for.  I think that has changed a bit but her collection is vast.  Most of them stay folded up on shelves and never get curled up with.

So I knew I wanted something different.  Little did I realize that what I was embarking on would be a test of wills…. 

It started with a panel.  A lovely moose in a lake.

When I saw this, I just knew it would be a perfect centerpiece for a quilt for Mom’s Cabin.

But it alone was no where near large enough to cover their bed… 

Then I saw this tutorial on how to make a double bear paw block.  My original plan was to create 18 of these to frame the panel… after making one, plans changed and these became the corners.

I used the cobblestone pattern in blues and greens to make the panel tall enough to become a quilt and added patchwork borders to finish it out.

And I have to say… its busy.  and there’s a LOT going on… and there’s no GOOD way to photograph it… something I will have to work on as I continue my quilting journey… but I love it.

And so did she when I gifted it to her Christmas morning and that is really the most important part, right?



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