I had no way of knowing what this month would bring about when I created the prompts… and yet I find that each of these is speaking to me in a different way than I originally intended…

I’ve been vague about current events here and on Facebook while we sort through red tape and whatnot… and I will continue to do so until everything is finalized so thank you for your patience.

But when I looked at today’s prompt and saw Courage…. there were a million or so thoughts that flooded my mind…


Courage isn’t about never being afraid.  It’s about being afraid and doing it anyway.

Courage isn’t about everything running smoothly… it’s about seeing the risk and taking a chance anyway.

Courage isn’t about eliminating your fears… it’s the choice to not allow your fears to stop you from doing, saying, thinking what is truly important.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had some rocky moments that opened doors to courage.  Moments when I could finally stand up and face things/people that once paralyzed me with fear.  I’m strong enough now.  I can take on the battle.

More than that though… is how humbling it can be when you watch your child be more courageous than you were in a similar situation.  Seeing your child stand up and say “This is not acceptable.”

And then, when the anger and fear take a back seat to your mama-bear instinct to protect, seeing and feeling an outpouring of love and support from family and friends who wrap their hearts around not just you, but your child and give added strength to the cause.

…and at the root of all the courage I’m seeing and feeling as of late… that’s where love resides.  Love for my child.  Love for my family and friends.  Love for myself as I too learn how to say this is not acceptable to the darkness that thrives on the chaos.


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  1. You are indeed courageous and I have been so amazed at how you keep growing stronger.

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