Compliment Day

My friend, Jane Q Publique, has declared today to be Compliment Day over on the book of faces and that is a bandwagon I can totally jump on.


Compliment people.  Magnify their strengths, not their weakness.

I’m  a fan of compliments…  I’ve talked about compliments before of course… and my inability to graciously receive them… I think I’m actually improving on that a bit but that’s the topic for a completely different post I’m sure.

We live in a world that can constantly beat us down if we allow it.  But when we take a few moments to REALLY see people and to share our appreciation for them out loud, in public, we have no clue the total effect it has on them but it’s safe to say it’s a positive one.

So, I’m challenging YOU – to spread compliments.  True, meaningful compliments.  Tell people what you see.  Tell people what you appreciate.  Do it on Facebook if you live there…or twitter or google+… Do it via text.  Send an email.  Leave compliments on the blog posts you read. Tell people out loud.  Just make your appreciation known.  You never know what kind of positive impact you will have on someone else… but in my experience, everyone could use a little more positive in their life.

And… the truth is, if you can’t think of a compliment for someone you call friend, how good of a friend are you to them.  Or vice versa…

FIND something.  Something real.  Something that you feel is important.

The best compliments I’ve received I’ve detailed in the previous post on compliments… compliments on something I have control over – parenting, cooking, crafting, writing… attitude, outlook or just a simple “Hey – I appreciate you.”

And… if you ARE going to post your compliments on the Book of Face, use the hashtag #complimentday so that we can see how far this love fest spreads!



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