Comfortable or Complacent?

I adore the people in my world.  Each brings a new thought or perspective or strength.  The people I surround myself with make me better in ways that they may not even realize.

I had a real conversation with a new co-worker and it opened my eyes to something I was ignoring… Couple that with a conversation had with someone else I respect and I realized that something had to change.


It can be scary… Exciting too but mostly, I think, scary.

Comfortable is well… comfortable.  It’s like that warm blanket on a cold winter’s morning.  I like comfortable.  Comfortable is stable.  There are many areas where comfortable works.  The comfort of a warm and fuzzy pair of slippers on a cold morning… the comfort of a hug from your lover after a long day.  The comfort of sitting with your bestie where no words are exchanged because they aren’t needed.

Comfortable can be reassuring too – knowing that a follows b follows c…

But sometimes… we (I) forget that there’s a difference between comfortable and complacent…

And when complacency takes over because it’s comfortable, change needs to happen.  Sometimes we have to set things in motion to get what we want… what we deserve… but in order to do that, we have to believe that we do in fact deserve something different.

I talk about change a lot here… which makes sense because the only thing constant is change. Change can be scary… and exciting… and scary… and empowering.

Wait – what?  Yep – Empowering.  I often forget that aspect of change.  It’s empowering to stand up and say “This is what I deserve.”

It’s empowering to be able to say “This is not an area I’m effective in so I need to make changes”

It’s empowering to say “This is not acceptable to me so something will change”

And yes… I’m deliberately vague.  Because the truth is, it doesn’t matter what the situation – It’s the change and the empowerment that matters.  It’s the being-in-a-place-where-I-believe-that-I-deserve-something-more that matters.

It’s the if-I-don’t-see-my-value,-why-would-anyone-else-see-it that matters.


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