Comedy Improv at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza

** Disclaimer – My family was invited to experience the new Improv show Friday Night Live at Austin’s Park n’ Pizza.  No other compensation was received and as always, every off-kilter opinion is 100% my own**

It’s no secret that my boys love going to Austin’s Park n’ Pizza. They especially love the go carts and the slick track although mini is still a bit too short for the slick track. They love playing mini golf and who doesn’t love Pizza?

Now though, in addition to all of the games and attractions, Austin’s Park n’ Pizza has a whole ‘nother attraction you do NOT want to miss out on!

Friday night live

On Friday nights, Austin’s Park n’ Pizza is now home to a family friendly comedy improv show featuring the Comedy Spartans.  FAMILY – FRIENDLY.  That’s important because my kids are no longer at the age where innuendo leaps over their beautiful heads… and truthfully, they understand a lot more than I want to think about.  The show was funny enough that everyone in my party laughed and while I was surrounded by teens, I saw other friends with their families that had younger kiddos also enjoying the show. 

That’s hard to do, ya’ know?  To cater to adults and teens AND youngsters?  Once again, Austin’s Park n’ Pizza has hit the mark with their latest addition and continues to be a place where you can take the whole family for a little fun an no one is feeling left out.

The show does require that you purchase tickets in advance, and you can get your ticket for dinner and the show, or for $15 more, upgrade to the full park pass and enjoy all that Austin’s Park n’ Pizza has to offer.  Perfect for a church group outing, family night out, date nights, nights when you don’t want to cook and just-can’t-even anymore… well, you get the idea.  

The show itself starts at 7:30 Fridays (except for March 20th)  with the doors opening at 7:00 so grab your table, grab some grub and get ready to laugh through the 90 minute comedy fest.  

With Spring break around the corner… not that I’m counting down the hours or anything… It’s a perfect time to check out Austin’s Park n’ Pizza or revisit them with your family.  There are Spring Break specials on their site or on their Facebook Page  

Oh!  And if improv is your thing, you should totally consider auditioning to be one of the Comedy Spartans!  They are holding auditions on March 25th and details are on their Facebook page so, give them a like!  



  1. Star Traci says

    We love Austin’s Park & Pizza but I didn’t know about the improv. How fun!

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