Coffee with friends

Coffee… without it, I get a little stabby… It’s how I start my day after a morning workout… It’s what I enjoy with my friend Jessica where we catch up on each other’s lives (ok, in all honesty, it’s usually me filling her in on me while she patiently listens)… It’s also been (lately) the promising first date because let’s face it, coffee is easy… no commitment.  if you don’t hit it off, you aren’t sitting through an awkward dinner.

On the mornings when I’m running on fumes and 3-4 hours of sleep, you might see me joke mention the need for a Coffee IV.  yep.  I do love my coffee.

And I’m not alone!  YAY.

So my dear darling friend Leah started a post about how Bloggers need their coffee and included some amazing bloggers that I appreciate with their favorite cup ‘o joe.  That inspired Janice to talk about how SHE enjoys her morning coffee.  And also inspired the fantastic Krista to write about Bloggers on caffeine because let’s face it, a LOT of us function better when drugged up caffeinated.

Since Krista tagged me, I’ll play along.  Because it’s fun so WHY NOT!!!

Here’s how to play…

1) Take a picture of yourself enjoying your morning cup of coffee/tea/hot water/protein smoothie/juice etc and post it to your blog.
2) Tag a few of your favourite bloggers and ask them to play along

Easy enough, right?


So, here’s me… this morning…

I started the coffee pot before I went out for my morning run so it would be hot and fresh when I got back.

Yes, I’m sporting my “I  ❤ Edward” Bondi Band which does wonders for keeping the flyaways from getting in my eyes.

Yes, I’m sweating like a pig glowing  because even at 4:30 this morning it was 75 degrees out and H-U-M-I-D.

Yes, there is a window behind me and it is still dark out… because yes, I get up at the butt-crack of dawn.

Yes, that cup is HUGE.

and yes – you may be noticing that this is one of those RARE occasions where my nails are NOT painted *gasp* but my manicure was ruined with the housework from the weekend and I haven’t re-done them… although that will be corrected this evening because now that my nails are growing again, they deserve to be polished and pretty.

So, now it’s your turn.  I want to hear from ALL of you about your morning coffee, but since I have to tag a few of you (and my definition of a few is… well, a lot lol ) here goes:

(1) Brittany – @CajunBrittinAtx – LESSBRITT & MORELIFE

(2) Julie – @dutchbeingmeDutch Being Me

(3) Wendy – @weightsoverThe Weight is Over

(4) Lena – @elenka29Way 2 Good Life

(5) Shannon – @Aries_MommyThe Aries Mommy

(6) Jeanie – @jeaniekswan – Jeanie’s Adventures in Spider-webbing

(7) Michelle – @RageMichelleRage Your Way Thin

Share your morning coffee and let me know you did by giving me the link here.  In a way, it really is like having coffee with friends 🙂




  1. Uhhhh… what if I don’t drink coffee. (And trying to wean myself off the diet coke. oy.) Me and my water are gonna be bestest of friends. 🙂

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