Christmas Decorating with the Dollar Tree

I was provided the items used in this post in exchange for my thoughts and opinions.  No additional compensation was received.

Christmas seems to creep up earlier and earlier each year… Stores are displaying Christmas decorations earlier… Black Friday now starts on Thursday… but me?  I’m a purist who still strongly believes that each holiday should stand on its own and I don’t even THINK about Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving.

Yes, I realize that means that I have fewer days than those who begin their Christmas prep in August, but that’s part of the fun.

When it comes to Christmas, I’d rather spend my limited budget on the gifts that remind my loved ones how important they are than on decorations that are going to reside in a box for the majority of the year and that’s where the Dollar Tree comes in.

The boys and I are big fans of the Dollar Tree – Everything’s $1….So Everybody Leaves Happy – and that’s no different at Christmas so we can stock up on items to bring a bit of Christmas spirit into our home and my office.

Like this simple wreath-

Christmas Wreath with the Dollar Tree

Materials needed:

  • Foam Wreath form
  • garland
  • bow and other accessories
  • glue gun

By simply wrapping the garland around the foam wreath form, you can create a festive wreath.  Adding in the other decorations that you choose, you can make a truly one of a kind decoration unique to you.  Everything you need to make this can be found at the Dollar Tree – well, except the glue gun – that I already had.

Or maybe you want something a bit more fun and playful.  How about this sweet wreath?

Candy Wreath with the Dollar Tree

Materials needed:

  • Tinsel wreath
  • Ribbon
  • Glitter bow
  • Candy Canes
  • glue gun

For less than $5 you can create this sweet wreath in no time.  The Tinsel wreath comes already made on a grid frame that enables you to weave the ribbon through the gaps.  Adding in your candy canes and bow is all it takes to make this festive, sweet wreath.

Or maybe your office needs a little festivity too.  With only a few items, you can make a table or desktop decoration like this one:

Christmas Decor with the Dollar Tree

Using a similar tinsel wreath like the one above, simply arrange a few odds and ends to create a festive burst of color in your home or office.  I used the nutcracker with some Christmas ornaments but my favorite part of this arrangement is the tea light candles in front.  The candle holders read “Peace be with you” and “Dream” which are messages I think apply year round so I’ll likely re-use these instead of packing them up after the new year, but inside, I’m not using ACTUAL candles.  Boss man has issues with me lighting fires in the office… no clue why that might be 😉 Nope – I’m using battery operated tea lights found at – you guessed it – the Dollar Tree!  All of the ambiance with none of the danger.

With all of the holiday items in stock at your local Dollar Tree, there really is no limit to the ways you can decorate your home and office without breaking the budget.  It’s amazing how many things you can cross off your holiday “to do” list…and for just $1.00 each.

But more than just decorating, you can also find and create memorable gifts for friends and family but that my friends, is going to have to be a different post next week!


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