Change is good…

I’ve been writing this blog for the last year and a half or so… and over that time I’ve been really struggling with what is my “brand”  I went to my first blogging conference last year and while an amazing experience, I had NO CLUE how to answer the constant question “What’s your Blog About?”

I don’t know… I just write.  so this year I thought – I need some direction… and I had a brilliant idea to come up with a “reason” to write posts for each day… Mondays are spoken for with Mamavation Monday – and THAT has never changed over the course of the last year and a half but Tuesday-Sunday?  I’m lost.  I blame my undiagnosed ADHD (note: I’m not poking fun or making light of anyone who ACTUALLY has ADHD and apologize in advance if I’ve offended).  I came up with some brilliant ideas (and I use the term brilliant VERY Loosely.  VERY.) but it still doesn’t feel right.

Then I went back to the name of my blog – Slightly Off Kilter.  I picked the name for a reason-because it describes me perfectly.  I’m a little off.  I’m not one who can easily be described by typical stereo-types.  And neither can my blog.  When I worked with Rita over at Blog Genie I had some very specific ideas about what I wanted this blog to look like… I wanted it a bit dark and mysterious because if you think you KNOW me, you are mistaken – there’s definitely more to me than meets the eye.  I wanted those lovely hummingbirds you see when you hover over the menu above because people tend to underestimate their strength based on their size.  That’s me too – and even I underestimate my own strength at times.  I wanted the inclusion of dragonflies because in Native American Culture, the dragonfly symbolizes Change and Change in perspective or character… also quite fitting.  My point is that everything about my blog symbolizes either who I am… or who I’d like to be.

So, I’m back to the random.  I’m not going to hold myself hostage to trying to fit in with anyone else’s idea of a “proper blog”… instead I’ve given myself the freedom to write about whatever moves me whenever it moves me.  You might find tidbits of parenting.  Perhaps a craft or two.  Maybe a recipe or a review of some new gadget or gizmo that I’ve fallen in love with.  I reserve the right to stand on my soapbox if something sparks a reaction and I anticipate more “deep thoughts” types of posts where I try to REALLY figure out who the heck I am.

After all, the blogs I read the most are messy and random…just like life…just like me. So once again, I’m embracing my “off-kilter-ness” and am confused why I ever strayed.



  1. I’ve been having a similar discussion with myself: What do I want my blog to be about? I finally decided that my blog is like my own personal museum, and I get to curate it. So it’s life, curated by me. It’s whatever I find interesting. Take it or leave it.

    BTW, I love hummingbirds!!

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