Car Shopping the Right Way

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Some of you might remember that fateful New Year’s Eve when, while on my way in to work, a semi ran me off the road. Ok maybe not – but I do. It was terrifying. And everything kinda happened all at once and in slow motion at the same time. The semi swerved into my lane… my tank of a car started spinning out of control… Thank goodness that the streets were mostly empty that morning because I didn’t hit any other cars and eventually my own car stopped thanks to a road sign and tall grass. It wasn’t pretty but I walked away unscathed.

I knew right away that it would cost more to repair the car than it was truly worth and it was time to find a new-to-me car… but what?

I knew right away that I didn’t want to buy new. I had gotten very comfortable to not have a car payment. I knew safety was important. Duh – I was just in a horrific accident. And I wanted something “cute”.

I started my search at and was not disappointed. There I was able to research every car that was suggested to me by the men in my life. With a newly 17 year old at the time and my dad who still protects his “little” girl, I was getting suggestions every single day… Some days, I wondered how my kiddo had so much time during the school day to car shop for me, but clearly he makes time for the important things.

Then I found this car…

I don’t want to say it was love at first sight, but the ad spoke to me. I immediately jumped over to and learned as much as I could about this particular make and model. I wanted to make sure that I didn’t sound like a moron when I called the owner. I had my facts in order…. and still took my men with me for the test drive.

I’ve had this pretty car for almost a year now and couldn’t be happier. The consumer reviews found on were true to form. The price I paid was well under market value. And most of all, I was able to confirm that the current recalls had all been handled and gave my dad the peace of mind knowing that the safety ratings are high. even provided me with information about the estimated maintenance costs for this vehicle, although, y’all know I do as much of the work on it myself.

So, don’t wait until you are run off the road by a semi on IH-35 to consider upgrading your wheels. If you’re in the market, do your research. And if new is what you want, can help you research that too so that you aren’t taken for a ride.

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