Thankful Thursday – Bluebonnets and Camping

Bluebonnets | Thankful Thursday | Slightly Off KilterI’m really loving having a day each week to look back as well as forward to count blessings.  If nothing else it forces me to stop the chaos and smell the proverbial roses.

Life moves so quickly sometimes… unless you are sitting in traffic of course… and some of the littlest of things can bring a smile.  But what I REALLY love about these posts is that it is often a chance for me to remember the things that made me smile and then I get to relive them again.

I know full well that you won’t always “get” my lists or understand the items on it, but if you want a more descriptive Thankful Thursday, go check out my cohorts Traci and Helen who are joining me in this linkup! Or… Even Better than that… Write your own Thankful Thursday and Join Us!!

My List:

  • Adding to the list of people who “get” me
  • Hugs
  • Getting both the ‘Q’ and the ‘U’ in the same scrabble tile pull
  • Campaigns to raise awareness for Testicular Cancer
  • T-ball games with friends
  • Long talks about nothing important
  • Friends who I can go MONTHS without speaking to, but can pick right back up again without skipping a beat…
  • Friends who can hear what’s not being said and call me on bullshit (Thank you Shannon)
  • Friends who love you enough to tell you when you are being an idiot (cause I was… Thanks Evin)
  • Autocorrect
  • Bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes
  • Perfect weather for camping this weekend
  • “Good Morning” texts… “Good Night” texts… No need to send either because you are right there.
  • Being understood
  • Bonding with kiddos tonight… And free time for mommy the rest of the week.
  • Gym time.
  • A job with a flexible schedule that allows me to web surf for two hours and still be “on time”
  • Rain
  • Coffee.  Always Coffee.

And now loved ones – it’s YOUR Turn!!! Link up below and join us in a day of Gratitude!  OR… Leave me a comment about what you are grateful for.  It’s so much nicer to share with friends!!



  1. Good Morning Beautiful! Always great to see you 🙂

  2. I love your list — especially a great Scrabble pull and coffee. Yes, always coffee.
    And nothing beats special kiddo time and great friends.
    Lots to be thankful for

  3. Ah, coffee. I feel like I should start every list with coffee. And I should go actually get a cup, too, while it’s still hot!

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