{Not Exactly} Wordless Wednesday – Blood Moon and Photog Failures

In case you missed it {although I’m not sure exactly how that was possible unless you’ve been in a coma until just this very minute in which case I’m curious why MY blog is the first thing you are reading after waking from said coma} there was this little ol’ Lunar Eclipse this week.  A Blood Moon.

The jokes about why all the women in your life are crazy right now are too easy so let’s just stick with the moon m’kay?

I really didn’t have a PLAN to see it but the day of, I decided to either stay up or wake up to see the moon in it’s majesty.

By about midnight, I was realizing that the “stay up” idea was NOT going to happen because apparently, I’m not a teenager any more.

Part two of this adventure… I utilized my zero interest Uncle Sam savings account {aka tax refund} to purchase a big-girl camera.

I have no REAL knowledge of how to effectively USE said camera but that’s never stopped me before. So I thought to myself “Self, you can wake up and take pictures of the eclipse.  Then you can share those pictures on ze blog and that way the people who DIDN’T see it will FLOCK to your site to share the majesty. ”  Ok that last part is a stretch.

By now I’m sure you can guess how well things turned out…

I did manage to wake up.

The first picture I took… well…

Moon 001

I swear I was NOT drinking.  It was however 3AM.  I decided to try again and this time make a concerted effort to hold steady.

Moon 002Yeah… that worked well.

Thinking that the “3rd time’s a charm”

Moon 003

WTF just happened here.  I don’t even REMEMBER this one…

Then I thought WAIT!  A Tripod.  That would help.  I don’t have a tripod… I know!  I’ll rest my elbows on my car and that will create glorious pictures.

Moon 012 Moon 010 Moon 008

Moon 011

And then I went back to bed.

Good news is that there’s another eclipse in October which means I have a few months to learn how to use this darn camera.  Gonna bribe my Bestie’s photog daughter with tales of my love life in exchange for lessons.  I may even offer chocolate. Clearly I need all the help I can get.



  1. Print those things large and sell em as modern art. Then buy camera lessons. From a camera tutor. Because those exist.

    • That sounds like a brilliant idea… in all my free time… Ima gonna get right on that.

      Actually I might. The tutor part at least.

  2. Oh my gosh, I’m dying. These are so awesome. 🙂 And hey, they very creatively captured the color of the blood moon, too, so there’s that.

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