Happy Place…

I’m not doing so great with this whole Blog Every Day in May challenge, but you know what?  I’m ok with that… Truth is, even sporadic posts are more than I had been writing.   Today’s prompt is an easy one…

Ten things that make you really happy

and an important one… because when you are in the midst of the darkness, sometimes finding your happy can make a huge difference… So I’m going to share the 10 things that make me REALLY happy and then I hope you will join in and share your happy… and then, we can all find our happy together. A funny thing happened though… when making my list, there are so many more things that make me happy… so I limited it to the ones I could (and have) captured on film… errr ipone at least…

What Makes you Happy?

  1. Coffee… even better?  Coffee with Friends
  2. High heels.  It’s hard to kick ass when you aren’t wearing kick ass shoes… something about heels gives me more confidence and makes me feel like I can take on the world.
  3. Nail Polish.  You know this if you know me at all…
  4. Watching my kiddos succeed in whatever makes their heart sing…
  5. Pretty Sunsets
  6. Being silly with my babes
  7. Relaxing on the lake.
  8. Good hair days
  9. RAINBOWS!!!
  10. Having the tools I need to fix the things I need to… literally and metaphorically.

Now it’s YOUR turn – what makes YOU happy?




  1. Speaking of coffee … on a morning you drop the boys off AND can get to work late you should come by and have coffee

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