The Birthday Edition

I remember being little(r) and not being able to sleep the day before my birthday. Birthday parties were never a big thing in our house – (nothing like the shindig my friend Rachel put together for the little lady) – but still it was a special day. Usually birthdays were celebrated with a family dinner, cake and presents and it was enough. It was perfect.

Over the years, there were certain birthdays that were more eventful than others of course… turning 16 and FINALLY getting to drive without supervision… turning 21 and not remembering much about that night except that if ever offered another “Cement Mixer” I will gladly and vehemently say no thanks…. but most became very quiet celebrations – always with family (that’s the beauty of living so close together) and usually an opportunity to reflect on the changes the year has brought.

This year is no exception.  Tonight I will enjoy a quiet dinner at home with my husband in lieu of going out to celebrate, and along side the dinner, we will both enjoy a glass of wine and talk about the year that’s passed and the years ahead.

You stopped listening after I said wine didn’t you?

I’m by no means a wine connoisseur.  I don’t even play one on TV… but like my music, I know what I like and I know when I don’t and after the Mamavationâ„¢ Fitcation weekend, I have found a wine that I love and wanted to share it with you!

Don’t let the absence of a cork or the price tag fool you, Flip Flop Wine has created a wine that is crisp and clean while not breaking the bank.  It is affordable enough to enjoy as an everyday wine and yet will make your friends feel special when it is served (if you are willing to share… although I know some will want to keep it all to themselves 😉 )

I love that they have several varieties available, so whether you prefer a Red or White, Flip Flop Wines will have something to make you smile.

My personal preference is their Chardonney, a medium-dry white wine that is easily paired with chicken or fish on the grill.  I’ve also enjoyed the Reisling which is a wonderful medium sweet wine and is perfect out on the back patio on a summer evening. Both of these were delish chilled and a perfectly light summer wine with hints of pineapple and peach – my favorites!

(Next on my list to try is the Moscato *hint* *hint*)  The Hubs is more of a Red Wine kinda guy (he is the yin to my yang) and really likes the Pinot Noir that Flip Flop Wine offers.  Now, you have to understand that the Hubs is a man of few words, so when I asked how he liked the wine, he said “It’s good” and smiled, I take that as a two thumbs up recommendation.

I also appreciate how the experts over at Flip Flop offer suggestions for food pairings for all of their wines, so if you are stuck on a dinner idea, why not pick a wine first and see if that sparks your creativity 🙂 (only a suggestion)

And have I mentioned how cute their labels are?  I know – you shouldn’t pick a wine by the creativity of their marketing department, but seriously, how can you NOT smile at these?  go ahead – I dare you…. try not to smile

Need another reason to smile?  How about the face that Flip Flop wines ALSO give back?  That’s right – I’m a sucker for a company that takes community responsibility seriously and Flip Flop wines are doing just that!

They have partnered with Soles4Souls and for every bottle of wine purchased, a pair of shoes goes to someone in need!  So, that means that when you purchase a bottle of wine for only $7.00, you get a wonderful wine AND someone gets a pair of shoes.  I can only think of a few pairs of shoes I own that were less than $7.00 and they didn’t come with wine, so I see this as a good deal 😉


All in all, you can NOT go wrong with the selection offered by Flip Flop.  You can get your very own online, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it shows up on store shelves VERY soon!

So, in closing, thank you for celebrating my birthday with me and here’s to many more years together.  Treat yourself with a bottle of wine, time with friends and family, and the chance to reflect on the blessings in your life.  You’ll be glad you did.

And remember that each birthday, you aren’t just another year older… hopefully you’re another year wiser 🙂

(In case you are wondering – today marks 35 Glorious years, and I wouldn’t trade a single one for anything.)


***Flip Flop Wine was a sponsor of Fitcation 2011 and also sent me wine to review on this blog; however, the opinions are 100% my own and have not been modified.***


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