Being Present

Being in the present… easier said than done.  All too often I find myself wrapped up in the past or dreaming of the future and where does that leave me?

In Chaos.

Those who know me, know that, online anyway,  I am “The Handler”… I thrive on being able to fix things… people… whatever.  I take great pleasure in being needed… and yet, I fall into the same trap of projecting my past onto my future.  Well, that’s just silly.

So I’m making an effort to focus ONLY on right now.  This second.  This moment.

Let that sit with you for a second.  Forget the kids clamoring for your attention for 5 seconds.  Take a deep breath.  Listen to your body and hear what it is telling you.

Practice saying yes… and no… depending on what is needed for you at this moment.  Don’t dwell on the mistakes, but instead focus on the lessons learned.

Push outside of “what’s comfortable” and be perfectly ok with the idea that Perfection is something that will drive you CRAZY if you are focused only there.

For those who outside the home… is this situation familiar?  All day at work you are thinking about what needs to be done at home – laundry, taxes, cleaning, what’s for dinner, homework with the kids, date night with someone special… You get the idea.  Then, you get home and your mind is racing with “work stuff” – reports that are due, presentations you have to give, your overflowing inbox on your desk, the emails you didn’t get to today…

No?  Just me? yeah, right…

The point is, my mind at least, is so preoccupied with stuff I can’t control that I forget to take charge of what I CAN control.  Being in the moment.  The right here and now…

And who knows what being present will alter in my world… what about you?  Are you stuck in the yesterdays, tomorrows, maybes, somedays, coulda, woulda, shouldas… What would change in your world if you practiced focusing on the here and now?

Would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section…


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