{Axis of Ineptitude} – Before & After

It’s not an uncommon scenario I faced a few weeks ago. One I’m sure many divorced parents feel the sting of at some point in the “shared parenting” adventures.

It was a weekend much like most with my boys – The Giant and Mini-me were excited about the weekend plans… because we often have plans… I’m a planner. {When I don’t make plans, I get a bit unnerved. Even if the plan is to do nothing, that’s still a plan…}

A few weeks ago, maybe a month, I had meticulously gone through their entire wardrobe to see what summer clothes were needed and outfitted them both with new shorts and shirts and jeans.

So you can imagine my outrage surprise when neither child could find anything to wear…

Apparently, the boys had managed to squirrel away ALL of their “mommy clothes” {Clothes purchased by mommy as opposed to the things I actually wear in case there was confusion} over to their dad’s house. Lovely.

With only one more visit before they head up to the mountains of Colorado, I made it clear that they needed to bring EVERYTHING BACK so I could wash and pack.

Laundry Before

Be careful what you ask for.

The most shocking thing though wasn’t the volume – I mean they ARE boys… it was the volume of sweaters and sweatshirts within the laundry pile. I mean seriously? WHEN was the last time a sweatshirt was needed here?

I don’t actually mind them carting clothes back and forth and take it as a sign that they actually LIKE the clothes I buy so want to wear them to school. Or maybe it’s because I often will do their laundry for them so that we don’t waste precious time on chores when we are together, so they always have clean clothes at the ready here… {Oh, don’t get me wrong – both know HOW to do their laundry and there are times that is needed, but I try to do it for them to free us up for fun.}

Now, everything is fresh and clean and folded. I purposely didn’t put it away yet because before I do, I need to pack what they are taking to Colorado and they don’t leave until I pick them up on Monday. Which means I can procrastinate wait a bit before that project.

Laundry After

Plus, the smell of all this freshly washed laundry is making my room smell amazing.

What’s not pictured here is all of MY laundry… Guess I’ll finish that tonight.


Today I’m double dipping and sharing this post with both the Axis of Ineptitude as well as my dear friend Traci’s Wordless Wednesday.
{Wordless… I don’t think that means what I think that means. Come on, you were all thinking it.}

Won’t you join us?

Axis of Ineptitude


  1. I miss having a washer and dryer. We have a mini size that’s supposed to be all-in-one but I can’t figure out how to make the dryer work. Or the washer. It caused a fight so now he does laundry and I do dishes.

  2. When I read this I am grateful once again that X3 moved to the other coast so I don’t have to co-parent.

    I dream of laundry fairies too. And dish fairies.

  3. Nicely done! Laundry is always my nemesis so I applaud you mightily!

  4. We had 4 baskets of laundry sitting in the living room that had to be folded yesterday. And I completely got out of doing it simply because it was bath night for monkey. I’m not a fan of bath night, but when it gets me out of folding laundry, I’ll take it!

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