Spring Cleaning – 7 areas not to forget!

Spring is officially here according to the calendar although those of us in Central Texas have been enjoying spring like temps and weather all week. Today is a bit rainy but I don’t even mind that. How else do we get those amazing wildflowers I can’t wait to see.

On my drive home the other day, in between spurts of downpours, I was gifted the most majestic rainbow. It was seriously so amazing I had to pull over and snap a picture and if you know me at all, I don’t pull over for much. I just wanna get home, but look at this!

Double Rainbow Texas Spring

Yep – a slight double rainbow and the bottom is practically solid… but I digress.

As I snapped a few pictures (on a side road people – it’s not like I was on the side of the highway or anything) I started to think about Spring in earnest. I know so many people look to New Year’s to make resolutions and consider that their fresh start but for me? Spring with all the new life blooming is the time when I take stock and begin fresh… but sometimes that can be a bit overwhelming too. Here’s a few areas you don’t want to forget to tackle with your Spring Cleaning.

Spring Cleaning you don’t want to forgetspring cleaning

(1) Medicine Cabinets

Now is a great time to review the medicines in your cabinets to get rid of expired meds and to take stock of what you need. Few things are more frustrating than your child (or you) coming down with a fever or cold only to discover that all of your OTC medications have expired… in 1999…

(2) Phone Apps

Apps use data and so many of us are without the unlimited data plans of yesteryear. Make sure that you periodically review the apps you have, keeping only the ones you actually need. I’m pretty certain that I don’t NEED all 175 apps currently on my phone… and no telling how many use data in the background without my realizing. Plus? They take up valuable room on your phone that could be used for MORE SELFIES!

(3) Relationships

I like to think we’ve all had those relationships that we hung on to for far too long. Maybe it’s just me. If not, why not take a look at those you give your very valuable time to. If you can’t think of anything that they bring to the table, it’s time to spring clean them right on our of your life

(4) Fears

Once upon a time I had this friend who feared success. She would self sabotage and never really put herself out there for fear of rejection. She told herself that her dreams were foolish and believed every negative that spewed her way… until she didn’t. She realized that yes, she may fail… but what if she could fly?

Let go of fears that are holding you back. Enlist the help of friends and loved ones by sharing your fears so that they can tell you to stop being an idiot. Or… if you have nice friends, they might paraphrase that.  Spring cleaning can be as as much emotional as physical.

(5) Shoes, purses, accessories

Did I hear an audible gasp from my audience at the mere mention of getting rid of your shoes? Stick with me… I was looking at my closet the other day and realized I have far too many pairs of shoes that I have not worn in the better part of a year. I have shoes that are “just too cute to pass up” but in reality, I never wear them. I have shoes that “are so comfortable I can’t bear to get rid of them” but are falling apart… Take a few minutes and be honest with yourself. If you don’t/won’t wear them and they are in good condition, consider donating them to an organization in your area that helps men and women with interview and job appropriate clothing. The same is true for your purses and accessories but please make sure they are in good condition. Here in Austin, Dress for Success is doing amazing things and they are located worldwide so chances are that there’s a branch near you.  If not, talk with your local shelters and they might be able to help you to find organizations in need.

(6) Distractions

We all have them… right?  The things we “love” that pull us in different directions… Social Media, unfinished projects, books that remain unread… take a few minutes to prioritize and let some things go.  A friend of mine was struggling the other day with a part-time job in addition to her other job and her writing jobs and well, you get the idea.  Add in her mother and wife roles and she was stretched WAY TOO THIN.  She had to give something up but felt she couldn’t because of a sense of obligation.  Your first obligation is ALWAYS to yourself.  ALWAYS.  If you are stressed, tired, overworked, etc… look at the things that take your time and decide what can change.  In my friend’s case, she quit her part-time job… more than just the time if freed up, there was a weight that was lifted as she could begin focusing on the things that truly fill her heart.  Her family and her writing.  

(7) Finances

Ahh yes… I AM in fact going to talk with you about starting or refreshing your budget.   Or at a minimum, looking through your expenses.  If you are in need of a budget, there are a plethora of software programs or spreadsheets online that can help with cost that ranges from free to not free.  Many friends have taken part in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University with great success stories, but if you are looking at more month than paycheck, it’s time to take control of your finances.  I’ve also heard good things about You Need a Budget which even offers a free 34 day trial on their software as well as lessons and online classes to help you eliminate the paycheck to paycheck cycle.

I’m sure I’m missing some… what spring cleaning are you tackling?  


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