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You may have noticed a bit of a theme this month – October always puts me in the mood for Halloween and all things scary… but when it comes to scary movies, we all get to have our own definition of scary right?  So like if someone is afraid of clowns, movies like IT or Poltergeist might top the list where as someone who is terrified of spiders would find that Arachnophobia would keep them up at night.

scary movies
I posed the question to the book of face of course… cause that’s what I do… and the list of scary faves was varied with some classics and some I had never heard of…


In talking with a friend one night, he mentioned he was grabbing a beer and about to watch a scary movie and when asked which one, even more different movies were mentioned… Amityville Horror, Devil’s Pass, Blair Witch…

That brings up a pseudo-funny story about The Blair Witch project… you see, I saw that when I was pregnant with the Giant. That was also the night I received my first “proposal” – (let’s all just take a moment to relish in the romanticism of that and not do the math on the order of events.) The movie freaked me out. The residence I occupied at the time had a phone in the bathroom, complete with a caller ID box with a red blinking light when you had “new calls.” (Ok, do we need to take another moment to wrap our head around the phone in the bathroom? I mean it’s not like you could play candy crush on it while pooping or anything… but I digress.) Of COURSE my side of the bed faced into the bathroom so there I lay, wide awake, staring at a red flashing light in the mirror. I didn’t sleep for WEEKS. Even more entertaining was the fact that even in utero, the movie had an impact on the giant. For the longest time, he’d scream bloody murder if we went camping and refused to sleep in a tent. He’d sleep fine in the expedition, but would NOT sleep in a tent. Ahh… good times….

But back to the point… (isn’t it cute how I pretend I actually HAVE one?)

Scary movies.

For me, the scariest movies are the psychological thrillers. The ones that could ACTUALLY happen. The ones where they dive into the deepest darkest recesses of the human brain to uncover all the crap we don’t want to admit might exist beyond the silver screen.

Scary movies that make my list… in no particular order… are things like Se7en… The Silence of the LambsMemento …The ShiningAmerican Psycho

Others that may not fall into the “psychological Thriller” category but scare me nonetheless… PoltergeistThe Ring… and yes, even Carrie… The original 1976 version… not the remake.

And… if you take “true story” and turn it into a movie?  Yep… it’s gonna be on my list too…
13 Horror Movies and the ‘True Stories’ They’re Based On

So what about you? What movies keep you up at night? Are you a fan of the “Horror Genre” or do you prefer your movies more light-hearted?


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  1. I definitely prefer more light-hearted movies, but I do love Momento.

    • by and large, comedies and light-hearted movies are my norm but sometimes I want something darker. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. I have watched American Psycho to wind down and fall asleep when insomnia bites me in the rear. I guess that’s not good that it calms me.

    I recommend The Orphanage. Highly recommend it. You’ll thank me.

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