Is it really that difficult?

Mondays seem like a perfect time to climb up on ye old soapbox for a minute because if you can’t share a silly rant on a Monday… well, who am I kidding? I don’t need a reason to rant.

But lately something has really, REALLY been bugging me. Laziness.
I’m not talking about not hitting the gym as much as we should laziness – I mean effort. And not even grand gestures but the littlest things that we as a society have stopped doing. And to that I say…

Is it REALLY that difficult?!? Really?!?

Everywhere I turn I see it in full effect.  A dear friend and fellow blogger even wrote about one of the things that bugs me – not changing the toilet paper roll.  Maybe he’s right and there are people who don’t know how.  That’s possible I suppose… if that is the case – Bigzigfitness went ahead and created a video so that you to can learn the fine art of changing the toilet paper roll.

okBut I’m also talking about the simplest things like reverting to “text speak” in almost every form of written communication.  I’m as guilty of an LOL and an OMFG as the next gal, and there are some acronyms that have their place, but let’s be honest.  If you are sending an email, or hell, even a text, and it starts off with “how r u” I’m going to wonder what the rest of your quandary regarding alphabet letters is.  ESPECIALLY if you are trying to make a decent impression.  Yes, I have received emails regarding job openings that include text-speak.

And do we need to talk about the text “K”?  I’m currently trying to break my kids of this but people – if you get a “K” text… especially if followed by a period or other punctuation short of a smiley face… chances are decent that things are not, in fact, okay at all.  It’s the text equivalent of “fine” when you know that nothing is, in fact, fine.  Guys – if your significant other responds to you with “K.” to something you’ve said, you might want to stop and grab some flowers on the way home… just in case.

Is it really that difficult to spell our words out?  But think for a moment what you are telling someone beyond just the words… Whether a would-be suitor or job applicant, if that’s the amount of effort you are putting forth when you should be trying to impress, how much effort will you put in if you get the job or date?

I completely understood this back when texting was first a “thing.”

T9I mean to spell my simple 7 letter name, I had to press the equivalent of 19 buttons. As long winded as I am already, I completely understood the need for shorthand.  Abbreviations.  It’s cool and all but nowadays, with phones that have full keyboards, you are just giving the impression you are lazy. Or that the person on the receiving end isn’t worth the slightest amount of effort. Is that the message you want to send?

You could even take it one step further if you REALLY wanted to and program all of those shorthand acronyms into your custom dictionary to autocomplete the words for you.  Crazy concept isn’t it?

And while we are ranting about words… you know how you are typing away on a computer, laptop, etc… and you type a word and the computer underlines it for you with a red squiggly line? Yeah, this may come as a shock to some (based on the writings I’ve read) but that red squiggly line means you have not spelled the word you were aiming for correctly.  AND you don’t even have to think too hard about it because if you right click, your computer will likely offer a suggestion or two as to what you may have been attempting to spell!  It’s crazy talk I say.

Now in the case of homonyms… spell check won’t catch those.  For that, you need to actually know that there is a difference.


I read a lot of blogs and articles in my free time and the number of spelling or their/there/they’re errors is too damn high.

I’m not perfect.  I know that there have been a spelling error or two here and there, but when I see someone who has gratuitous spelling errors and incorrect word choice in every single one of their posts, I stop reading and mentally judge them.  No matter how interested I was in their content I cannot continue the assault on my eyes.

Words are power.  Used correctly, they can paint pictures and share thoughts beyond what the letters spell out.  Is it really that hard people?  Really?



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  1. With people I know well, I’ll use “whatcha doin’?” Doin’ always gets an apostrophe, but I’m fully aware that whatcha is not a word. On spelling, mine is atrocious. And yes, auto correct just helped me spell atrocious. Auto correct is my best friend, except when it turns all my ofs into ifs.

  2. Okay so… confession time. A very sweet nail blogger writes “dat” and “dey” continually in her posts and it has made me altogether stop reading her blog. I can’t even make myself just go look at her phenomenal work because it’s there, staring at me. I am an editor. I literally (and I mean that properly) just cannot abide poor writing/grammar.

    • Exactly. And it makes my heart sad when I would normally WANT to read the information but just can’t. I feel your pain.

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