Share a Quirk… or 10

We all have our quirks – little traits that make us unique and special and maybe a little weird… too few quirks and we might be considered boring… too many and we are viewed as 3 gallons of batshit crazy in a 1 gallon jug.


I’ve been called the “most pulled together fucked up person” a particular friend has ever met so I like to think I manage my quirks semi-well… much like my favorite highly functioning sociopath only {hopefully} not as extreme…


I think that is why quirky characters are so likable in movies and TV shows… they make us seem more normal by comparison.

but I digress…. What are some of my quirks?

  1. Coffee – I love coffee… y’all know this… but I mostly only drink it iced. If I’m having a cup of hot coffee, the spoon has to be in it.
  2. My upper body gets cold faster than my lower half.  That means that in the winter, I might be seen wearing a sweater with capris and flip flops…
  3. When I was little, I had a nightmare about a witch who made me crack my knuckles over and over again which took my youth and transferred it to her… to this day, I still sleep with both hands under my pillow because of that dream.  I rarely remember my dreams the one in #3 I’ve remembered for well over 30 years.
  4. When I start watching a new show on Netflix, I can’t watch anything else until I’ve seen EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.
  5. Because of #4, I now prioritize my watch list by how many episodes there are to see if I truly want to invest the time.
  6. I do the “one eyebrow raise” thing so often that I forget I’m doing it… and now so does mini-me.
  7. I like the smell of skunk on road-trips.  On a particular stretch between here and Colorado, we counted 7-8 spots where skunk was in the air… we loved it.
  8. My DVDs are all organized… by how much I like them
  9. If I make a grocery list, I have to write it in the order of the store… so I usually write it all out and then re-write it in order.  Which is why I rarely make a grocery list.  That’s just way too much work.
  10. My phone has to be plugged in when I’m in the car… even if it’s at 100%

The funny thing is that I know there are a bajillion other things that make me quirktastic and I’d love for YOU to share with ME what you think my quirks are.  Cause to me they likely seem normal!



Axis of Ineptitude


  1. HA! I had to laff at the grocery list; I am the same way… AND my husband does most of our shopping – he has said that it makes no difference to him how the list is organized, but I still do it!
    As for Netflix, well, it has saved my sanity many times… thank goodness for I Dream of Jeanie re-runs! BTW, Traci – “A Knight’s Tale” is my Bridget Jones.
    My own weirdness…
    I have to tear out anything extra (ad, perfume thingy, flyer) in a magazine before I read it.
    I freak about throwing batteries away… I’m afraid that something metal will touch them in the trash and start a fire… probably an incorrectly remembered grade school Science
    I like to have my feet under the covers, but not touched by the covers. I call it “perfect feet” when I can get the quilt to tent over my feet. Sometimes, when it is just right, I will wake my husband up and say “My feet are perfect!” HAHA!
    I’m sure there are tons more – ask my sons 😉
    Thanks for the fun!

  2. I love that Netflix made both of our shares. I am the same way about grocery lists. It cracks hubby up.
    And coffee is well, coffee and to be enjoyed however most makes your day run.

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