I promise…

Over the last few months, I’ve looked at the relationships in my life… romantic sure, but more than that, the friendships that I value. In all of our lives we have these unspoken agreements. No one save Sheldon Cooper outlines the finest minutia of how we are going to interact… we just bump around on this little planet and interact with each other in the only way we know how. That is different for everyone of course as we draw from our experiences and the events that shape us. Sometimes that is enough… sometimes it’s not. Sometimes we feel safe a free to tell another that an action or belief doesn’t work for us… Sometimes our friends do and say things that piss us off, but we give them a pass because after all, we’re friends.

That’s great for some, but I think that y’all know me well enough to know that that is NOT enough for me. I do not want to live a censored life… at all.

That doesn’t allow me to use my stance of honesty as a veil for being cruel. Not all things need to be said at all times.

I also believe that words have power – to harm, help and sometimes to heal… I don’t take those things lightly. Ever.

So when the prompt for today was I Promise… I wanted to share what I promise to each of you who share my world.


I promise…

I promise to hear you with empathy and compassion
I promise to support you as you work to achieve your goals
I promise to give you as much space from me as you need but to always be here when you ask. Maybe not in person at all times, but with a listening ear, a prayerful heart, or a kind word.
I promise to live unfiltered and share all of the good I see in you often and without reservation.
I promise to stand by and let you fall sometimes because you are more capable than you think and I know you will rise again.
I promise that my silence does not mean I’m gone. Ever. You will know when I am gone because I will have enough respect to tell you. More than that, I will have enough respect for me to tell you.
I promise to never be perfect. Perfect is boring.
I promise to help you find your silver lining when needed but not to cram it down your throat when you don’t.
And if you find yourself in the darkness, I promise to light a candle and sit by your side. Not urging you out of wherever you are, but allowing you to be.


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