Bless me with Patience... not opportunities to be patient.  I've had plenty of those and they don't seem to be working.  The ACTUAL Patience...

I saw this on Pinterest and could not help but chuckle. It’s seems lately I’m being granted loads of opportunities to be patient. Patient with the Giant as we both struggle through 9th grade. I don’t remember 9th grade being this hard to be honest. My Biology class involved frog dissection and collecting flowers. His? Biochemistry and DNA translation/transcription…

Add into the mix that he and I are polar opposites when it comes to school… so I’m convinced that I’m testing HIS patience as well. Sometimes I find myself thinking “Self, what would you do at his age” and then trying the exact opposite. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes, not so much.

You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.

I’m also having to be patient while the wheels of justice move at their pace. There is little I can do to speed this process up and that is frustrating… I just want something on the calendar instead of up in the air.

I’m really not the most patient person in the world… a fact I’m realizing now. I always thought I was more patient than I am but lately it’s like every ounce of incompetence is driving me bat-shit crazy.

Like last week… Giant and I went grocery shopping. I had a list based on the meals I was going to cook and it took us about an hour or so. When we were about to check out, I get a text from Mini-me telling me he’s not going to swim which means I need to pick him up an hour sooner than scheduled… awesome. So we get through checkout, pay the bill, head to the house to unload the groceries and while Giant is putting them away, I went to pick up Mini.

Imagine my surprise when I get back and am about to make dinner only to discover the MAIN part of our dinner wasn’t there… it was on my receipt but never made it to my basket. I called the store and they remedied it and all was well… or so it seemed… until the next night I went to start making dinner… only to discover 4 more things that never made it home… 3 of which were again key ingredients for the dinner. I punted at that point and decided to wait until the next day to scold the store for this egregious mistake… They offered that I could go get the missing items if I desired, but seriously? I didn’t need them now. They were for SATURDAY’s dinner… it was now Sunday. So, they refunded me the $42 for the items I didn’t get. As he was processing the refund, the customer service gentlemen said “I wish I could say this never happens, but it happens all the time. We have a binder full of items that get left behind.”

I was dumbfounded. So you mean to tell me that you recognize that this is a problem, you know it happens a lot, and yet, you aren’t doing anything to correct it? Have we as a people gotten to the point of apathy where we just assume people are going to screw up and that we have to accept mediocrity as the norm?

When did we lose sight of the pride in a job well done? It saddens me to be honest. Instead of pushing workers to improve performance, customers are expected to remain patient. And patience is not my strong suit.


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