morningI’m not a morning person… Well, that’s not altogether true. I AM a morning person as long as I don’t have to get out of bed or deal with people… which is rarely the case.

My alarm goes off about an hour before I actually need to get up. I hit the snooze button several times before I actually HAVE to get out of bed of course but that hour… curled up in the comfort of my fluffy and warm comforter… laying there perusing the book of face or feedly or reddit… preparing myself for the day… that is bliss.

I can hear the roosters in the back yard crowing when I listen for it, but I’m so accustomed to their song that more often than not I don’t hear a thing. Just the “silence” of the house… the gentle whir of the A/C or heater kicking on… the sound of the fan blades slicing through the air above my bed… the creaks of the house gently waking up with me… the sound of coffee brewing on those rare occasions when I actually remember to set the timer for it to brew on it’s own.

I listen for the sounds of my giant stirring himself out of his slumber… the thud of each footstep as he makes his way to the bathroom… lights switching on… silent yawns as he prepares himself to face the day.

I lay there listening for him to be done with his morning bathroom ritual… toilet using… showering… teeth brushing… I justify a few more minutes in bed allowing him to ready himself for the day without interruption. I’m a giver.

Right about the time I hear the click of the light switch to the off position signaling that the bathroom is now free, my bladder betrays me and there’s no snooze button for the urgent need to get out of bed. There’s no turning back now. My feet hit the floor and the day has begun. A day of meetings and conference calls and emails to teachers and work proposals being drafted. A day of traffic and trainings and idiots. Why must there be idiots? But there always are…

Like a zombie I begin my own morning routine… pottying… teeth brushing… being thankful my shower happened the night before… staring at the mirror and contemplating actually fixing my hair for a few seconds before I laugh to myself and pull it into a messy bun; calling it good enough… washing the sleep from my eyes as though that first splash of water will wake me fully…

Giant and I are now both technically awake but still silent in our zombie-like dance… feeding cats… fixing breakfast and lunches… we’ve done this routine enough now that we both now the steps by heart. Nothing needs to be said which is good because I’m pretty sure words would be a jumbled mess…

While I finish up in the kitchen, I hand the keys to the giant. He goes out to start the car so it can warm up a bit on these cold mornings and the defrost can melt the ice from the windshield. I endure a momentary panic that it won’t be long before he can legally drive on his own… then relish in the realization that it also means he can chauffeur me around instead of our current roles.

The drive is silent and we are thankful that the sounds from the radio eliminate our need to interact. He’s not a morning person either so the silence suits us both just fine. And there we sit… silent… calm… still trying to fully embrace wakefulness… me sipping on my coffee… him playing on his phone… watching as the sun peeks out from below the horizon… until a song comes on we both like and start to sing along… off-key but in unison… as though somewhere, something flipped a switch inside us both at the same time and now we are truly awake.

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