JFW July – and why I’m kinda not following my own advice

I know done of y’all are thinking WTF Shell? You post that we should Just Fucking write and then you go and disappear for a few days?

Yep. I did.

Not because all the words were gone… In truth they are all still swarming in my brain just waiting for me to make sense of them all.

Not because I don’t have anything to say- y’all know me better than that.

Nope- my writing is bound to be more sporadic for the next week or so (if I write at all) because I’m soaking up as much as I can with my babies these next few days that will likely pass far too quickly.



I also feel like there’s a lot of change coming when I get home. Changes I have been needing to make in order to live the life I want to live so for now, I’m soaking in the things that never change.

The bickering of my boys. Over NOTHING.
The way that everything tastes better when you are eating outside.
The cool crisp mornings we enjoy here in Colorado.
The storms that are blowing past us almost daily in the July monsoon season.
The time I snag each evening to just relax.


I’ve been so uptight lately I had forgotten how to do that. Relax I mean. Focused so hard on pleasing others I forgot about me… And in truth, some of those I was working hard to please have forgotten about me long ago so why I’m still putting forth the effort is beyond me.

This trip is giving me perspective on the things I need to change and the strength to make the changes to make my life happier.

Come to think of it, wine does that too.



  1. I am just now getting to this, but ahhhhh. It sounds like you’ve had a wonderful trip and time with your boys. I need to remember to do things for ME, too. <3

  2. *high five* Hell yeah, girl. You do you and all the parts of you deserve doing.


    Yeah, I’m just gonna own that I said that mess.

  3. Soak away, you (and they) deserve it and whatever the changes that are coming, I’m here to ride them out.

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