Well, that freaked me out…

Today – Friday the 13th… with a full moon tonight… and Mercury in retrograde…

There are many many articles out there that will tell you that all of these collide into the perfect storm of crazy… I can’t tell if I’m ACTUALLY superstitious or if I just cling to things to justify the crazy that is here 365 days a year. {Those who know me are likely nodding and smiling with the later.}

Regardless, today is a perfect day to share something that freaked me the fuck out.

There are things that scare me… snakes for one… but I know this and try to prepare myself for their inevitable appearance in books, movies, etc… and pretend that if I make enough noise when I head out to the barn in the morning, I’ll scare off any who HAPPEN to be residing out there so I can continue to pretend they don’t exist (even though X2 told me in great detail about one he saw that he thought was a rope and grabbed it… I didn’t go into the barn for a good 6 months after that.

Pro tip – capitalizing on someone’s very real fear doesn’t make you cute or funny, it makes you an asshole.)

Living in the “almost country” means that I have grown accustomed to critters – scorpions, spiders, June bugs… the sound of frogs or crickets or even creaky house noises. Those don’t freak me out.

What does freak me the fuck out is when I happen across something where it shouldn’t be.

Tarantulas for example, are not a problem when I see them in the driveway… but once they cross into the house? Now I’m going after it with whatever aerosol product is nearest and a long handled broom to get it the fuck out. Last time, it was a can of aqua net. Didn’t kill it but it looked fabulous for hours… kidding. I relocated it outside and never saw it again.

Same with Bats. Working near one of the Austin area’s larger bat colonies means that most evenings, they are flitting about overhead as I’m driving home. No problem.

But when I walk out to my car at work and see this?
Grounded Bat

Well, that freaked me the fuck out.

**fyi – yes I called animal control and this particular bat did NOT in fact test positive for rabies but you never can be too sure.***

So tell me, What freaks you out?




  1. Ooh — all of those things freak me out!!!! And who sees a tarantula in their driveway??? Glad to know there was no rabies situation but AACK.
    You have successfully freaked me out.

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