I have no clue what my intent was when I picked this post topic. I’m not your typical girly girl in so many respects, but there’s still this part of me that misses the days when gentlemen callers presented their date with flowers.

It wouldn’t have to be some grand gesture of course… I’m far more low-maintenance than the cheesy rom-com heroine who needs to be flooded with roses after a date or to win her affections… but this seems to be a lost act in the dating pool today.

Single Yellow RoseA year ago… almost exactly… I met someone who is still a very good friend. On our first date, he presented me with a single yellow rose and it made my heart soar. He was thoughtful and kind and understood the meaning behind the flower he presented me with. The flower of friendship.

{It’s not fair to say that he “was” thoughtful. He still is but I’m referring to that one specific incident in the past tense.}

Thank you Timehop for reminding me of that moment… and how rare it really was. Seriously – y’all know I post EVERYTHING on Instagram and Facebook… had to scroll through a lot of food pics, nail pics, hair pics, selfies, kid shots, and randomness to even find the pics of flowers I’d received.

When I was married… the first time… I never received flowers. The second time was slightly better with the scheduled deliveries of tulips on Valentine’s day. But why do we feel the need to only share flowers on the days we are “supposed to?”

I don’t have answers of course. Just posing the questions.

My mom got tired of waiting for dad to buy her flowers and now buys them herself whenever she feels the need. Maybe that’s the answer. I don’t know….

What I DO know is that most of the gals I know will tell you that they don’t need flowers. They would rather have ___{fill in the blank}___ from their guy.

What I would say to that is I could be in the minority here but even if I *say* I don’t NEED flowers… I’m not going to be mad if you have them delivered to me. Or if I show up for a date and you happen to have flowers for me. Of if we reside in the same domicile, you come home from work with a bouquet from the local grocery store… you get the idea.

Whether it’s about flowers or some other expression, I think it all boils down to the idea that we all have a desire to be thought of. Seen as worth the effort. Appreciated. We want to know that the person we share our lives with doesn’t take us for granted. We want to know that, without prompting, we crossed their minds and they wanted us to know that. And a super easy way to do that… for me at least… is with flowers. Hand picked daisies rock… unique flowers that you thought I’d like… And maybe if I’m ever in a relationship again, I’ll just quietly share this post because really, I’m not that complicated.

Stop laughing.


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  1. My parents bought flowers for me when I was growing up. They said it was to show me how I should expect to be treated, as well as not to accept flowers from someone as an apology for treating me poorly. They worded it differently, but hopefully, I am conveying their point. I am pretty girly, but thanks to always receiving flowers, it was close to impossible to impress me with a bouquet.

    When do I expect, or want flowers? Never. When do I appreciate them? Always.

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