Fashionista I am not…

This will only come as a shock to those who don’t know me but I’m not what you might call… fashionable.

I know I know…

I’m a comfort girl.  I wear what I feel comfortable in and while yes, sometimes it means I get dolled up and dress like a girl, today in fact, I’m wearing a signature outfit – jeans, flip flops, t-shirt and hair pulled into a bun with *Gasp* a scrunchie.

Lucky for me I work in an office where I don’t interact with the public so there’s no need to dress for work.

That’s not to say I CAN’T… I choose not to.  I clean up good enough when there is an occassion that calls for it.  Like Date nights.  I actually try for those… but daily?  ugh.

Today’s prompt about fashion we wish would come back in style is funny coming from me.  I don’t care if it’s in style or not, if I find it, and like it, I’m wearing it.  The reason though that these things need to come back is that they are getting harder and harder to find…

Case in point – remember banana clips?  Well, my mother is likely the ONLY person ever who can rock that look and make it look good.

Throwback | Slightly off kilter


Seriously, that picture above?  Mom is totally rocking the banana clip.  She still wears one every single day. But when they break?  She can’t run to the local Walgreens and pick up a new one… she has to scour Ebay for her favorite “vintage” accessory.

As previously stated, I myself am a scrunchie gal.

Even when I’m having a remarkably good hair day, I have to have one around for when I start feeling like I need to chop off all my hair.  I can’t of course because far too many people would hurt me if I removed my locks, so instead I pull it up on the top of my head and call it done.

Scrunchie bun | Slightly off kilter

Ahh yes.  That’s a look everyone will recognize.

But not every day can be a scrunchie day.  The other fashion trend I wish would come back… Big Hair.

I’m talking a full can of Aqua Net Big hair… ozone be damned… My senior pictures were done at Glamour shots and I really need to dig those out of storage… but it looked something like this…

The bigger, the better.

and Speaking of bigger and better… I miss shoulder pads…

Is it any wonder we loved Designing Women back in the late 80’s and early 90’s?

The other fashion accessory I miss and wish would come back are chokers.

I am cautious about long necklaces because they either fall funny or get lost in the girls, but chokers were perfect… I actually went shopping for one a while back and couldn’t find them anywhere… I know… you can order anything online but I prefer to shop in real life if I’m going to shop.

Speaking of accessories…

We’ve seen Chunky Necklaces and bracelets in style but Why aren’t big ass earrings back? They totes should be.

I’m sensing a theme here of bigger is better… hmmm…


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  1. There is no excuse for shoulder pads. Correction, you can have shoulder pads if your neck is prone to completely losing its shit and letting your head flop down onto them. Otherwise: no.

  2. I’m not missing the ‘big’, but I’d love to find a stash of good banana clips!

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