Celebrity Crushes

Today’s post is gonna be all kinds of deep and meaningful.

Nah. Just kidding.

Today kicks off my Birthday weekend and to celebrate, I purposely picked today’s prompt to have an excuse to share some beauty in the world.

celebrity crush

I’m pretty sure that we all have our celebrity crushes. That list of drool worthy guys and gals that we would pay good money to sit in a theater and listen to them read a phone book.

We all likely have different reasons for why these celebrities affect us the way they do but whether celebrity or in real life, for me? It’s all about the eyes.

Eyes that suck you in and tell you they understand. Eyes that convey meaning and sincerity.

But you didn’t come here to hear me gush… let’s get one with the eye candy, shall we? {In no particular order}

And of course NO list of mine would be complete without…

What about you? What makes you all swoony and googly eyed? Do share. Don’t make me the only celeb crushin’ perv here 😉

** all eye related puns are absolutely intentional. And yet… you probably already knew that***



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