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I’m not even gonna lie. This post is timely and there is no way that Evin or I could have known that when we came up with the prompts.

It’s been a whirlwind these last few weeks and it is starting to catch up with me. You know the warning signs I’m sure, of the moment when “crazy” takes over your whole life and perhaps it is different for everyone. For me, Stupidity is all of a sudden EVERYWHERE… and I have patience for a lot of thing but disrespect and stupidity aren’t anywhere on that list. I feel myself getting more stabby than usual and everyday becomes a two cup kinda day.

When I start feeling that rage build up, I know it’s time for a time out. Of course, I still have bills to pay so I can’t just lie on the couch eating bon bons and take a mental health day whenever I feel like it. Instead, I have to get creative on how I prevent homicide. Because there is no scenario where I look good behind bars.

(1) Make Plans

Plan for something down the road that you can start to look forwarwd to.  For me, I have 3 things this weekend I’m really looking forward to and all three will help to balance out the crazy.  First up, Pedicures with Mom for Mother’s Day.  {You DID remember that THIS weekend is Mother’s Day, right???}  It doesn’t have to be anything major but it can become a mantra of sorts – “Pedicures tomorrow. Pedicures tomorrow. Pedicures tomorrow” or at the very least give you a happy to think about instead of the crazy.

(2) Phone a friend

Seriously – I love my friends.  I need lots because no one person could handle me 100% of the time but when I’m in the midst of chaos, spilling it to friends and just bitching for the sake of bitching helps.  And you don’t have to ACTUALLY call mind you – text, facebook message, email, whatever.

(3) Sit alone

This one is harder with young children I know.  BUT Find time for you.  Take a hot bath (with or without bath toys), get lost in a book, hide in the closet but find a moment where no one is stealing your energy or time.  you have to refuel.

(4) Make a list

Feeling overwhelmed on your To-Do list?  Make a list but be specific – don’t write “Do Laundry” but instead, break it up into smaller chunks.  “Separate laundry” “Wash whites” “Wash Darks” “Fold Laundry” “Match Socks” – you get the idea.  Marking things off your list can give you a sense of acomplishment.  **In the interest of full disclosure, I rarely actually separate lights and darks.  Yes, my kids have a few pairs of pink socks.**

(5) Get some fresh air

Go for a walk.  Sit at a duck pond.  Hit up a park and listen to laughing children – other peoples children if you must.  Whatever you think is a good idea, but a change of scenery can help to clear the mind.  If you are a runner, go for a run.  Not a runner, how about a walk?  Just get moving in some way.

(6) Splurge on yourself

I have a hard time spending money on me without feeling guilty about things I COULD BE buying for the kids.  But here’s the thing – splurging on yourself doesn’t have to be a big thing (which for me would just stress me out even more) it can be little things.  A fancy coffee that you wouldn’t normally buy.  Dinner out.  A new pair of shoes.  Whatever makes your heart sing in that moment.  Go for it.  You deserve a little pampering too.

(7) Breathe

I know we take a bajillion breaths over our lifetime but how many do we actually think about.  Sit for a second and really breathe.  I do this with the boys – mostly the giant.  He gets so excited about stuff that he forgets how to use words to make sentences.  I have lost count the number of times that I’ve said something akin to “Stop.  Take a deep breath.  And another.  Ok, now try again.”  Guess what, it works on adults too.

How do you find your zen?


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  1. This post seems very Pin-worthy. I mean, LOOK at that image up top! Also, I love the post 🙂

  2. I totally relate to having the list. Watching things TICK off that list makes me so happy. I also have been giving myself a nightly deadline. I meet it, shut the computer, and go watch TV with the hubs. Helps a lot. 🙂

  3. I need to find my zen tonight in a bubble bath, with good reading materials and good wine.

  4. I drink. Coffee mostly, but there’s nothing wrong with vodka!

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