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In honor of National Bestie Day yesterday, Evin and I decided to guest post on each other’s pages. That means you’ll have to jump on over to Food Good Laundry Bad to see me gush about her but you also get to see her words here. Total win/win.


Yesterday was National Best Friend Day and I got to spend it with MY bestie. It’s funny, when I think about it. I feel like Shelley has been a part of my life for ages. It’s amazing to me that I made it through 3 pregnancies without her, major break ups, and the loss of my dad – all without her by my side. Now that I have her, I know that if I had to go through those things without her, I would simply break. I’m very ¬†glad that no matter what bullshit life has in store for me going forward, she’ll be there.

What is a best friend? How can you tell the difference between a “friend” and a “best friend”? Here’s a check list

1. You can say racist-sounding stuff and she know what you meant to say

2. You can tell her that her ass looks huge in those pants and she knows it’s because you love her too much to let her leave the house like that.

3. You can tell her that her ass looks AMAZING and she knows you’re not just blowing smoke, or hitting on her

4. When you fight with your SO, your best friend can tell you that you’re in the wrong, but she’s still on your side anyway.

5. She points out your crazy.

6. She gives you the hard truths.

7. She can grab your man’s ass and it’s totally okay, and he can grab hers.

8. Sometimes you really wish she had a penis.

9. She can scold your kids and you don’t even get mad.

10. Even when she fucks up, you can’t stay pissed for too long because you have shit you need to talk about.

If you’ve got a friend that meets those criteria, you have a best friend. And you’re so, so lucky!

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  1. Everyone should be so lucky to have such a great friend. Knowing you both, your description is perfect!

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