{Mostly} Wordless Wednesday – Beautiful

I joke that I have a black thumb… and can kill even fake plants.

That’s not all together true though is it? We make time for what is important to us. When things wither and die… Plants… friendships… marriages… it is really us saying It’s just not important enough for me to keep putting in the effort.

Luckily, my mom finds the time to make the yard beautiful; a task now left to me as they embark on the latest Colorado adventure.

As I meandered through the yard this morning taking stock of all that was left in my care, I took a few extra moments to appreciate the yard in full splendor thanks to the mild temperatures and rain.

Beautiful | Slightly Off Kilter

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  1. What a beautiful garden! I love walking out onto our patio and into the yard to see the flowers blooming and the veggies growing. Doug’s done such a wonderful job of making a peaceful space. We all love going outside to poke around in the plants.

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