Art – create something beautiful

When Evin suggested this prompt my first thought was holy hell…how am I gonna find time to create something beautiful?

But then… Well between painting and car repair, my mani needed to be redone. And that can be art too right?

I’m not in the same league as Ali over at Fixin’ to Faff but I’m happy with how they turned out.

Turquoise Nails | Slightly Off Kilter

There aren’t step by step instructions on this – it’s a simple saran wrap application of black polish over turquoise and there are plenty of instructions on how to make this magic happen if you are so inclined.

The inspiration came straight from Pinterest in fact.  I saw this one first… but I’ve never had much luck with water manicures…

Then I saw this and the wheels started turning.

I’m sure my 2 male readers are loving this post… just wait until we get to the 21st and 23rd of May. You’ll love those posts too I’m sure.


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  1. You have to know this was my favorite 🙂

    Want a DIY tip for reducing cleanup from saran-wrap and other messy manicure techniques? Take some Elmer’s glue and spread it around the cuticle and surrounding skin. If any gets on the nailbed, just wipe it away. Once it’s dry, you can go to town on the messiest of techniques and just peel away the mess once you’re done.

    • I considered the Elmer’s glue trick I’ve seen on Pinterest but I couldn’t find any in the house and wasn’t going to go to the store. Good to know it works though. I’ll have to pick some up.

  2. I tried this once. It wasn’t nearly as clean as your version. 😉 Nice one.

  3. I generally don’t paint my nails because I can’t stand the way they look when they start to chip. However, you have just seriously piqued my interest, and I may have to try this out!

  4. That’s pretty cool! Maybe I could do my toes. lol – My nails have no chance for manicures or paint jobs.

  5. Pretty! I’m getting a pedicure as a Mother’s Day gift and I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time trying to pick a new color/look. I believe toe color can make or break you!

    • I really need to get a pedi… Hmmm maybe I’ll take mom and we will get our toes done on Saturday.

  6. That turned out great, and in my opinion totally counts as art. I’m a total spazz at painting my nails, a combo of lack of patience and abundance of caffeine.

  7. That is beautiful. I am completely inept when it comes to my nails!

  8. Love it! I can’t do my nails. As much as I’d love to, it just never lasts, and once it starts to chip, I pick at it. So, it’s only toes for me!

    • I’d really REALLY love for this to last till Sunday… I’m betting it won’t though. I’ve heard rumor that if you top coat each day it will help it last longer… may try that.

  9. Nail art is TOTALLY art. You are SO damn good at it, too. So good.

    • It took longer to clean off all if the over paint than it did to actually do my nails. black polish is a bitch.

  10. Very cool! I can’t handle long nails or the feeling of polish, but I admire works of nail art

    • I went two whole days without polish and felt naked. I have quite a collection. Now, I can’t do acrylic nails anymore but when my own grow, I love it.

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